Master Any Game With These Tips! | Games on Queue | MGN (2019)

Some good insight there @finegaming, much better idea to learn from these players than players who get frustrated when they lose against the odds.
Good tips. I would add to tip 4, and that is playing in a game where the odds are heavily stacked against you is a good thing. I’m not any good at pvp, but I actually prefer to play in a game filled with players who are experts at pvp, so that I learn how to survive in my own way even if I can’t stand toe to toe against them in a fight. I plan my journey carefully and adapt quickly if I run into danger, use cover to hide my silhouette, and spot other players before they spot me so I can avoid them in the lawless wilderness.


Sep 30, 2019 at 12:05 PM
Posted by Koala_Steamed
Hey Gamers, have you ever managed to master any game in your whole gaming career? If you have you are awesome but if you have, don’t worry about it because on this episode we will be able to help you out with. Nold will be giving you a lot of tips that can help you master your favorite games!

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Dive down with us as we discuss the skills we think are the best in any composition.
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