[Minecraft Concepts] Slime Block Flying Machine "Radar"

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Aug 13, 2017 at 7:22 AM
Posted by Koala_Steamed
Detecting the height of slime block flying machines is now possible in minecraft! Technically not radar as it uses sand not radio waves to reflect off a physical object.

Y axis detector at 3:45 is by trackmanie: Make sure you guys check out his video & tutorial here

By firing sand up at the flying machines and timing how long the sand has been displaced, this device can approximate the height up to 180 blocks (probably possible to go higher too).

Next step I just need to hook this up with one of my missile silo cannons so that the tnt will explode at the correct height of the machine :)

Also thanks to britboy3456, SiberianHat & Bill Rootbeer for ideas on creating this latest addition.

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