[Minecraft Tech] 40 Bit Per Second Redstone Wire

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Aug 5, 2017 at 9:21 AM
Posted by Koala_Steamed
Something I just discovered while playing around with what I called a 1.5 tick pulse, is that it can be input into a comparator while only occupying a single comparator at a time.

To put things in perspective, this single wire can generate over 1 trillion possible outcomes (2^40) each second, in survival minecraft. As far as I know these speeds haven't been reached before.

I'm still working on a receiver that can convert the continuous signal from serial analog 4 bits/tick, to parallel binary 16 bits per 400ms. Having a few problems with update bugs but i'm pretty sure it is possible to convert the full signal, i just have to reconfigure a little.

Thanks to
Munin925: Help with the converter from analog to binary
Taefler: Showing me a more simple design for a 1.5 tick pulse

1.5 Tick Pulse Video:

Download: Analog Display(2).zip

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