[Minecraft Tech] Redstone Serial Binary Receiver/Transmitter

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Aug 5, 2017 at 9:21 AM
Posted by Koala_Steamed
Binary signal that travels down a single line of redstone. It can send 8 bits of information with only 0.3 seconds delay between each bit. Using a dual signal processor i was also able to decode each byte with only a few milliseconds delay between each one.

This can be used to send up to 256 different signals down 1 redstone line. It can also be used to store large amounts of RAM or ROM which only need 1 output line. By using this along side computers or redstone contraptions that use binary, it could communicate with other computers using only a single line of redstone.

The RAM has the ability to be programmed by redstone or even other RAM, could be interesting to see what people could come up with...

World Download: redstone(7).zip

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