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Mar 11, 2018 at 9:22 PM
Posted by SampleNinja
Enjoy this new track from Music Factory: Empty House

This piece is diabolical and plain scary a constant dissonance is heard played by the strings all through out.

Empty House - FILM: Horror - Royalty Free Scary | Dark Music for YouTubers

Genre: FILM
Sub-genre: Horror
Mood: Scary | Dark
Royalty Free: Yes (Read below)

If you are looking for music for Youtubers, Music Factory brings you Royalty Free Music for your Youtube videos. Please make sure to follow the steps on how to download and use Music Factory.

Original music composed and performed by Jem Talaroc for the Music Factory, part of Freedom!

Licensed exclusively to Freedom! and owned by the Freedom! Family.

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▼ Can I use this music?

You can use this music 100% free in your videos or live streams only if your channel is partnered with Freedom!

All of our music is free for Freedom! partners to use, and all we ask for is attribution (credits to the composer/site). Please use this Music Factory template in the description of your videos:

Music by the Music Factory, powered by Freedom!
Composer: [Composer Name]
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If you are not a Freedom! Partner join us.

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▼ What if I am not a Freedom! partner?

Everyone outside of Freedom! can use music from Music Factory risk-free.

You will never get a strike or video takedown by using songs from Music Factory. You will likely get a monetization match that has no negative effect on your channel, except the revenue will be redirected to Freedom! and the artist who created this track for Music Factory
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