ULTIMATE GRIND MINDSET!...+ some trolling | Minecraft Global SMP (Season 4)


Jan 16, 2022 at 1:48 PM
Posted by ninjajou10
Make sure to watch till the end because SO MUCH HAPPENS. In this video I show you how I got my stuff back after dying,....twice?....trice?.....also....NETHERITE ARMOR, WITHER, BEACON.....following and trolling the SERVER OWNER....and doing stuff in the Shopping District. I hope you enjoy this video. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE (press notification bell) and COMMENT for more ideas. LET'S GO FOR 12 LIKES!!!!

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It is all on Vanilla Minecraft 1.18 so it's a Minecraft 1.18 let's play and has Minecraft 1.18 gameplay. Although this isn't a Minecraft Challenge, or Minecraft But, or Minecraft Speedrun / Speedrunner, there were still moments such as a finding a skeleton and cave spider spawner, taming a minecraft wolf, finding a huge mountain, mining for a lot of diamonds, making nether armor and tools, getting wither skulls, fighting the wither, making a beacon, the start of the shopping district and much more...

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