Video Review SmokeTrail for Bukkit

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Aug 21, 2017 at 7:49 AM
Posted by SampleNinja
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This plugins use was to essentially utilize the particle effects that bukkit has to offer mainly the smoke and fire particles(hence the name). When you walk it will leave a trail of smoke and fire behind you hence the name. The trail can not be seen if you have particle effects turned off and it will not bother any anti-cheating plugins

/smoketrail will leave a trail of smoke behind you
/firetrail will leave a trail of fire behind you and
/endertrail will leave a trail of ender particles behind you
/hearttrail will leave a trail of hearts behind you
/resettrail will turn off all trails at once if you turned them all on for some odd reason
/customtrail1 2 and 3 are 3 customizable particle effects that can have their color changed based of the labels in the config file
You can use all commands on other players using /smoketrail playername; it has to be the exact name case sensitive


smoketrail.use.smoke: for the /smoketrail command for the /firetrail command
smoketrail.use.ender: for the /endertrail command
smoketrail.use.heart: for the /hearttrail command
smoketrail.use.reset: for the /resettrail command
smoketrail.use.particle1: for the /customtrail1 command
smoketrail.use.particle2: for the /customtrail2 command
smoketrail.use.particle3: for the /customtrail3 command Check out my personal channel (it's more active!)
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