What did they do to my teeth?! Charcoal whitening?! #CarbonCoco My #Kwento

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Nov 20, 2017 at 5:37 AM
Posted by Anthony Smith
In this video we try this product called Carbon Coco. I have to admit I did not think that this product would work as well as it did. it's also funny to see myself with a black mouth like some sort of movie monster haha.

The results are awesome! My mouth and teeth have never felt cleaner and I'm very grateful for the chance to check this product out. Thanks Carbon Coco!!

This works by using Activated Charcoal teeth whitening to polish your teeth and thereby making your teeth whiter. I've always seen products to whiten your teeth but this has a sort of DIY teeth whitening feel to it.

I highly recommend checking this stuff out BUT make sure you follow the directions otherwise it might not give you the whitest teeth you can get.

Get your Charcoal tooth whitening products here:

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