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GFX Thumbnails Overwatch Healers Thumbnail Template 2018-06-05

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I think you done pretty decent owo; though here's my suggestions finish removing the white around Mercy since it's a bit off putting and put a stroke around her. As for the font put a stroke around that as well so it's more bold and easier to see since the flare at the top is just a bit too bold I guess? Hard to explain it I guess! ;w;
Love it! The white text fades a bit due to the lighting from the background but besides that you have done a great job :)
The concept i see youre going for is great, but the flare on the white text makes it unpleasing. other than that, pretty good
A nice and well designed template, though personally I feel it needs some outlines or sharpening on the characters so they stand out against the background. Good work though :)
Some Bad Gamer
Some Bad Gamer
This was one of the first projects i have ever done in photoshop so its not amazing but for a first thumbnail i think it looks good
Solid Template, thanks for sharing it!