1. S

    Entertainment Growing Youtube Channel

    hey guys i am a new youtuber and have had my channel for almost a year and i am really looking to grow my channel because i work very hard on it and post almost everyday. i would love some support and subscribers, so check it out and subscribe please!
  2. RSJP

    Entertainment Aspiring YouTuber; 18 and Haitian

    Hi everyone, I just started my youtube channel a month ago and now that I am graduating high school I wanted to start making memories through my youtube. Hope you guys comment and share some of your advice with me, I am all ears for constructive criticism and support my growth through this new...
  3. Row

    VFX "Beauty & Fashion" Freedom! Asset Pack 1.0

    These motion VFX can be added to the end of your video to help promote user interaction. Includes: Subscribe animation Like animation Comment below animation End screen animation Please read the "Read Me" text. Copyright Note All Rights Reserved @ MCN Freedom! Tech 2017 Usage License...

    Beauty I like Korean Cosmetics!

    Hi, I'm Lightnim and I'm a fairly new YouTuber! I like beauty and style lookbook/how-to videos so I wanted to start my own channel where I can show the world how I like to express myself. My first few videos I made when I first launched were made during a time where I felt very depressed and my...
  5. Ash

    VLOG Teen Vloggers Out There?

    Hi! I'm Ash/Asher! I'm sixteen and run a new (but growing quickly, I have almost 100 subs rn) channel. My initial channel is a vlog and comedy type channel where I talk a lot about LGBTQIA issues (I am bisexual and trans) and my general life. However, I am also starting a second BEAUTY...
  6. Deathlake

    Entertainment Hi everyone! ^.^

    Hi everyone, I’m Deathlake! Ive got 4 channels at the moment. ^^ “Deathlake” that Is anything art related eg speed drawing, 2D and 3D animations. “Deathlake speaks” that’s to do with anything with products, for example: unboxings, rements, Japanese candy kits demos, bath bomb demos, hauls...
  7. ClerraBellis

    Entertainment ⌲Traveling in ♫ The world of my creation ♫

    What's up every body? I'm Clerra Bellis and I'm a relatively new freedom partner, but I've been making videos since all the way back in 07. Wow, that was 10 years ago already! I've been posting in the forums for a few days, but I've been a little apprehensive about posting this since I can never...
  8. W

    VR Looking to Collab i have 60 subs

    Looking to Collaborate with someone on beauty fashtion diy's
  9. LeanneBe

    Beauty Hello,Everybody!! New Member here

    Hello Everybody, My name is Leanne. I'm 22 years old and I'm a beauty youtuber from Thailand. I'm doing a Makeup Tutorial videos, also do some review; I loves to explore the beauties in the world. And I hope I meet some new friends and other beauty blogger so here I am.:) Check me out on...
  10. Olivea Sea

    Unboxings & Reviews Lime Crime * Product review * Matte liquid lipsticks * LIVIN ON A PRAIRIE VELVETINES

    Today I'm doing a product review of the LIVIN ON A PRAIRIE SET from the makeup brand Lime Crime! I'll be checking out the quality of the matte liquid lipsticks and test the color output and wearability! Are you as excited as me! Then let's go and check these's baby's out together! Products...
  11. Ocean Thakur

    VR Looking for beauty/ fashion channels for collab

    HI, I am from India and recently started making Youtube videos and its difficult to grow initially , So would like to do collabs and support similar channels. Anyone with some ideas? I have 200 subs and my Channel Name is "Ocean Thakur"
  12. nailsunleashed


    Are their forums available here on Freedom that are sub-forms that include members you can interact with that share the same interests and have similar types of channels? Thanks!:)
  13. Matthias Weiß

    Beauty My Name Is ......

    Hey everyone, My name is Matthy. I'm 20 years old and I'm a beauty youtuber from germany. I produce all my contend in english and hope I meet some new friends and other beauty blogger her so here I am.
  14. CalebKitt

    Two new banner opinions?

    I am back, with yet another banner :)
  15. Veronica Aptel

    VR life, beauty, story time, and more

    Hello everyone, I'm Veronica. I would like to start collaborating with others on any type of subject. If you are interested please reply on here send an email to me at rockaptel1996@gmail
  16. Sarita Vardu

    How To Hi guys :) Hope you like my channel :D

    Hi guys :phope you like my videos, I just started 3 months ago and if you have any advises or tips let me know I really appreciate your help to help me grow :D If you like what I do well subscribe please and live your comments my channel is Sarita Vardu:rolleyes:. I really happy for being here...
  17. Cajun Tinker Belle

    VR Beauty/Drinking/Cooking/Art/Unboxing/THC

    Looking to collab with channels that are similar to mine. Here is the link to my channel: If you are interested please reply below. Now sure what we can collab with but that will be decided once we chat. I do beauty, drinking, cooking...
  18. Crazy Glam

    Beauty Introducing myself...

    Hi everybody ! Your name/alias: Clémentine Where are you from?: I'm from Belgium How old are you?: I'm 18 How did you find Freedom!? I find it great but I'm still discovering it. Until now, I find it clear and helpful :) What made you join our forums?: I want to get to know more people from the...
  19. P

    VLOG Hey wussup

    I'm Princesss Chinaa my channel is really small with 74 subscribers whom I love and cherish. I like hair, beauty, lifestyle, and vlogs...I'm open to new things and I'm all for making some cool friends..If you're trying to grow your channel with active subscribers like me, lets grow together...
  20. S

    Beauty Introduction

    Hey! My name is SoNice TayEmany. I am a fashion blogger and a YouTuber. I post lookbooks, makeup tutorials, OOTDs, reviews, and anything else that connects with my interests. If you have any questions in terms of getting to know me, feel free to ask and I will respond. Have a good day :).