1. A

    Comedy dead memes.exe

    What is going on guys! Just finished editing in my opinion a pretty solid video with a mixture of gameplay, memes, and animation. It was the first time I ever tryed animation in the sense of like a short. If that makes any sense cuz like it makes sense to me lol. The video is kinda lengthy...
  2. B

    Gaming Looking for a GAMING collab!

    I just made my fourth video, and i would love to collab with someone. I currently have 63 subscribers and around 2.5 k views. My videos are montages syncronised on music from clips of the game CSGO. If youre interested comment on my thread! Example of my work: My newest video
  3. Vortex

    Gaming Can you guys watch my videos and give me feesnack please thanks :)

  4. gilbertroyalva

    Gaming Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Funny Moments 26 - GilbertPlays

    Worked hard on this video. hope you like it. Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Funny Moments 26 - GilbertPlays
  5. GucciCarry

    Comedy I Bet You 10 AWP DRAGON LORES You Will Laugh [CSGO EDITION]

  6. Original Hughes

    Gaming CSGO - Funny moments, ACE and more

    Hello everyone, Thank you for checking out my thread, this is my most recent game with my friend, we were being trolled a little by 'Yellow' but we managed to pull off the game in the end, we absolutely destroyed the enemy team... Well me and my friend did :') - let me know what you think and...
  7. Original Hughes

    PC CSGO - looking for a group of 4

    Age: 23 Channel Main Topic: YouTube Gaming, Fun with friends Amount of Subscribers: 137 Other ways to contact you: Forum Conversation, Twitter About your channel: My Channel is mainly about FPS games like CSGO and Battlefiled 1 Link to channel:
  8. T

    Gaming Csgo Youtuber- TrevStaaa

    My name is TrevStaaa and I recently just started posting videos but Daily csgo videos and might start doing other games too Throw me a sub! :)
  9. Just Luke

    PC Looking for people to play CS:GO with.

    Hi, I'm Just Luke and I'm looking for some funny people to play CS:GO with. It doesn't matter if you're skilled or not. I'm only silver 3 myself. atm I have 106 subscribers, it's ok if you have less subscribers as long as you make good videos. Your age doesn't matter but you can't have a high...
  10. Boybeastwonder

    Gaming Hello FREEDOM!

    Hey guys, what's up. I'd like to give myself an introduction to the Freedom family. My name's Boybeastwonder, Beast for short, but my real name is Ralph. I'm basically in Junior High at the moment but it is summer vacation so... I've got to make the most out of it, right? Anyways, I don't go...
  11. csgocrazy

    Gaming Restarting my Channel! Feedback would be appreciated

    Channel: If you guys could check it out and tell me what you think , that would be awesome! Also, i will be uploading 2 more videos today! So if u can subscribe then that would be great. I will be uploading csgo gaming videos.
  12. PecxL

    Gaming PecxL │New Gaming Channel

    Hello, my name is PecxL/Rickard and I am a 16 year old guy from Sweden! How did you find Freedom!?: I found Freedom through a friend who's also partnered with Freedom, he told me about it and I thought it sounded awesome so I checked it out and now I'm here. What made you join our forums...
  13. Oxoplays

    Gaming Looking for CSGO teamplayers

    You have to be DMG or higher you have to be active you gotta have faceit you gotta have teamspeak you need skype well thats it :) so add my skype : divineswords112 and we talk some more if your intrested
  14. maxuranium

    Gaming Awesome CS:GO kill montage!

    Hope you enjoy guys!
  15. thekrillmeister

    Gaming CS:GO Funny moments - Annoying teammate, Clutches, Killstealer, Teamkiller

    Here's my latest CS:GO Funny moments montage where i play with friends, hope everybody enjoys. IIf you enjoy, leave a comment or maybe some feedback :)