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Jun 20, 2018
I just made my fourth video, and i would love to collab with someone. I currently have 63 subscribers and around 2.5 k views. My videos are montages syncronised on music from clips of the game CSGO. If youre interested comment on my thread!
Example of my work: My newest video


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Oct 16, 2019
This is a really old post, but I just joined the forums and I also do CS:GO compilation videos. Though I have different goals in mind with the video. I am more about quality raw play than like a quality video. You'll show single kills a lot on pace with the music where as I show more of the round. What do you use to record? Do you also stream? I just started using youtube and making playful highlight videos from mainly clips from my various streams and sometimes just demo recorded rounds that I am not currently streaming, which is rare. I use streamlabs for both recording and streaming.