1. B

    Gaming Looking for a GAMING collab!

    I just made my fourth video, and i would love to collab with someone. I currently have 63 subscribers and around 2.5 k views. My videos are montages syncronised on music from clips of the game CSGO. If youre interested comment on my thread! Example of my work: My newest video
  2. ZoTac

    PC Looking for a group!

    Hello! I am looking for a group of people to make some gaming content! I am not looking for anything else, if you have ideas for a video I will take that into account! You must have good quality You must be funny You must be 17+ I will not collab with anyone younger! You must understand...
  3. MiddayFury

    PC Garry's Mod Tonight Anyone?

    Hello everybody! My name is MiddayFury, and i am just wondering if anyone here wanted to join me and a few friends tonight in Garry's Mod. We will either be playing Trouble in Terrorist Town, Prop Hunt, or possibly Deathrun (if we get enough people and everyone wants to. We will be using...
  4. Vincy Gamer

    you tubers collaboration

    I'm looking for a YouTuber that's over 1k subs & play fps games so we can play, record, grow together on PC getting ready for the new titan fall & bf1 maybe the new cod write me if interested
  5. theTOM

    PC Youtube Collab!

    Hey guys, my name is Tom and I need some people to collab with and, maybe, create a youtube recording group with. I am a really funny guy and I love to play every kind of game possible, I have a nice Steam library and the games I like to play the most are Dead Island, CS: GO, Left 4 Dead 2...
  6. TuxedoGamerGirl

    VR Podcast, Gaming, and other types of collabs.

    Hey guys I'm TuxedoGamerGirl, you can call me Tux or Tuxedo which ever you want. I'm a very small channel on youtube with only 180subs, I make different gaming videos, vlogs, tags, makeup, and podcasts. I've been with Freedom for about 6 months now, but I've been with youtube since end of 2014...
  7. lilhoonr

    VLOG looking to collab ?

    Hi freedom friends I'm looking to collab i do vlogs on my dread journey as well. Special events that be in my city. More will be coming to my channel soon. But all that besides the fact i want to collab ASAP with anyone about any topic am just looking foward to talk about anything or we can...

    PC CSGO and many more games on steam to make funny moments

    check out my channel if i would be a good partner for you, i am looking for a good partner for me as well to make funny moments or any gaming video, just to help the growth of my channel! i play steam games, any pc games, as well as i have a XBOX ONE check out my stuff, if u like it, thanks and...
  9. Won

    PC PC Youtube Colab! Trying to Get Big!

    Ayy guys! My name is Olija and I run a small channel that needs some good people to colab with. I play minecraft (but it does bore me at times) I also play Terraria, GTA V, Starbound, and this cool card game named Duelyst. I play have some other games but eh not worth mentioning here lol. So...
  10. Po O'Tato

    VLOG 20 Questions

    Ok, so I plan to answer 20 questions about me or my channel in an upcoming vlog. I just need questions lol. I will be taking basically any type of question atm. I plan to link the youtube channel or twitter account of those I answer the questions of. So please fire away, I will be taking replies...
  11. HSapienMC11

    PC Looking to Collaborate on CSGO or Black Ops 3 Zombies/ Multiplayer

    I'm 17 and mature. I have recently made a decision to put all my effort into YouTube no more messing around and I am not only expanding the kind of content I make but also hoping to expand my viewership. Hoping to collaborate and maybe reboot my channel due to the amount of dead subscribers on...
  12. K

    Tech Hi iam a tech youtuber and want to collab with u awesome guys!

    Hi guy's my name is "kaushal" and my channel name is "kaushdroid". i have 70 subscribers and 10000+ views or more if u are reading this in future. Guys let's collab with each other and grow together! Not "sub-4-sub" but let's do "playlist-4-playlist" and it is not a wrong thing. we are just...
  13. U

    Gaming YouTube

    Hello, can someone or anyone go check out my YouTube, if you enjoy subscribe, comment and like? My channel goes no where at all. It hasn't changed in like a year, i need a kick start. So can someone check it out? Also follow me on Google+...
  14. DoobiHD

    Music Preheat Records - HIPHOP Promoting

    The point of this Record / Music promotion channel is to promote new young talanted artist & mc's out there who want to get a little promotion and audience. Because there is so little of this, alot of talanted young artist dont get there music/voice heard. I also see there is few Hip Hop music...
  15. S

    Gaming Any Clash of Clans Players who want to collab??

    My name in youtube is TheZiroPlayer I'll shot out for shot out I have 200+ subs and 36k views I usually upload base layouts, attacks, strategies, and I have played agari.o etc. we colllab by having a 1v1 in Clash royal or playing a game to catch our viewers attention, at least have 16 years...
  16. Shayne Hibbard

    XBox Looking for people to collaborate for youtube

    Hello my name is Shayne or people may call me budahh because of my YouTube. I'm looking for people to collaborate with on Xbox One not really any specific game but maybe warframe or blackops 3 or something like that. I find that making youtube videos by your self is what I say not that exciting...
  17. L

    Gaming First Ever Collaboration - Ark Survival - Cave Raid!

    Hey Guys, Luna here sharing my first ever Collaboration with fellow Freedom Member RydekSan :D Really enjoyed my time doing a collaboration so hopefully it shows and you all enjoy it :D And Remember To Hit That Subscribe Button Guys!
  18. F

    PC Let's Collab Together! Possible Meet-Up.

    if anyone is interested in co-commentating, or if anyone is looking for someone to commentate with, hit me up! :D
  19. TheRealDiLoFlowTV

    VR What YouTube Means To Me Collab

    Hello everyone I am doing a collaboration show where everyone can Join as long as the quality of the video is great it has to be able to fit the screen on the YouTube platform also you must unlisted the video as well and send to me my email will be located on my channel :)
  20. VentumNinja

    Gaming Naruto Storm 4 [PS4]

    Hi everyone! Does anyone want to have a collab video with me? I was thinking about a few player matches in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 for PS4. Let me know what you think! :D