1. Carl D

    What kind of tutorials do y'all use to make thumbnails?

    What kind of tutorials y'all use to make thumbnails stand out? I've been trying new methods but I wanted to ask what the community use and do.
  2. U

    Free tools for every Youtuber!

    Hello all, welcome to another thread, and today's topic is FREE stuff, I mean come on who doesn't like free stuff, that can help you as a Youtuber, all of the software that I mention today will be Free for you to use Freedom Family! So let's jump in! Free Editing Sofware Windows Movie Maker -...
  3. slumberRabbit

    Any alternatives to TubeBuddy?

    Update* I've decided to pay for TubeBuddy's services using a discount they offer on their website. At least I'm spending a lot of time creating templates and I can focus on playing games. There might be a similar post, but I'll post it for what I'm facing now. As everyone probably knows...
  4. VingtHundred

    GFX Request Thumbnail tutorial request

    Hi, I'm starting to find a good theme for my videos on my YouTube channel, now I want to have better looking thumbnails. An example for what type of thumbnails I'm looking how to learn how to do are the "let's play" channel's thumbnails, the guys from AH (or Roosterteeth). I'm not looking to...