1. EcCeNTriC Cuddless???

    Gaming Gmod - The Kermits

    At last the Kermits has arrive, and find out soon what happens, like right now!
  2. TheGamingExite

    PC Looking For Fellow Content creators to play with!

    Hello im looking for fellow content creators to collab with interested ? there no requirements as long as you enjoy to play any game that can make funny videos. games i play Gmod Apex Legends PUBG H1Z1 Whos your daddy im also willing to get new games soon e.g cards against humanity, Uno and...
  3. M

    How To New to Youtube! New chapter of my life! Check me out! :)

    Hi! I am Martin Allen Mejia or for short, "MAM". The content of this Channel is Gaming, Editing and cycling. I am not a professional, i am just a freelance and self taught editor and of course, a Gamer, a PC expert and a Fixed gear Cyclist! Enjoy the Content Ya'll Since i am new to youtube, And...
  4. Rhys “TAGOMOTO” Fouracre

    Gaming a funny video on GMOD

    this video took time to record and an average of 5 hr to edit. It took a while to upload and it so far the best funniest video I have made in my history of youtube. when you have a chance please view it and tell me what you think.
  5. Rhys fouracre


    If you into roleplaying and gmod then you are welcome to join my roleplay on gmod which is currently recruiting. NEPD. if interested you need a mic and discord. plus a computer with no lag. join here
  6. Jakob fener iversen

    Gaming Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Moments his the table!

    this game is so fun XD

    PC Anyone up for some Collabs?

    I put this up a while back and was wondering if anyone wants to play some games on the pc. I have Gmod, 7 days to die, Paladins, Stick Fight the Game, COD WaW, CS GO, Golf it, and Golf with Your Friends if you're up for some laughing and raging!! :D hit me up!
  8. K Army Gaming

    Comedy GMOD Prop Hunt -_- Everything's Better With a Pepsi

    today we play Gmod prop hunt. This is a collaboration with DecrepitSundew3. This is a shorter video because it is the first time but if y'all enjoy it we will do more. Thanks For Watching. Stay tuned for more Facebook: Twitter:
  9. K Army Gaming

    PC Gmod, Collaboration.

    I would like to collaborate with someone to make Gmod Deathrun/Prophunt/ videos the more people the merrier. I also have an idea for a show called Gmod Highschool i want to start but im in need of persons to help out. I'm availabe from 9am to 1:30pm Eastern time 6am to 10:30 PDT Monday to...
  10. DecrepitSundew3

    PC Small YTers having fun! (Low requirements!!)

    Hey #FreedomFamily! DecrepitSundew3 here and I'm on the lookout for people to collaborate and have fun with! We can record funny/epic moments on the following games: 1) Grand Theft Auto V 2) Garry's Mod 3) Borderlands 2 4) PayDay 2 5) Dead Rising 3 (Still need to install that) These are the...
  11. Geist

    Gaming Fancy a collab or three?

    Hello you beautiful Freedom-goers. I had been looking into this collab work for awhile now. Thought I'd give it a shot. I've been mostly been strictly PC game, latter down the line would branch out into pass gen consoles, but those have been to death. So for now why not stick with ones I enjoy...
  12. IWantLeGames

    Gaming [100 Subs] Reaction Compilation

    Hey guys! Jeffrey here! This video I'm about to link you guys to took me 6 hours just to edit with all of the subtitles I have on it. I'm going to start doing a lot more long let's plays so I can do more with the videos in the future than I did with this one. Even though this video is 4 minutes...
  13. DraycosDragon


    Hello there! I'm a gaming YouTuber who has also started doing Twitch streams recently. I mainly stream Cards Against Humanity, Roblox, Happy Wheels, and a few other games. As for YouTube, I do all kinds of games... Tabletop Simulator, Golf With Friends, GMod (Garry's Mod), Cards Against...
  14. Vortex

    PC GMOD Fun with PropHunt! :D

    I am looking for people to do a gmod video with me today if possible. Is anyone interested if so add me on either skype or discord my name is: vortexch1#6528
  15. HyperLabs

    PC Looking for more PC gamers

    Hey everyone so recently I've been a little more interested in getting to know other YouTubers and getting to record with a wider group of people and I though the forums here would be the best way to start. I my self am a YouTuber based around making funny moment videos mainly on Overwatch but...
  16. Bio PLayz

    Gaming looking for new people to collab with(pc)

    Age: 17 Channel main topic: gaming What games/Which platform would you like to Collaborate: platform(pc) games(dead by daylight, payday 2, battlegrounds, the forest, paladins, left 4 dead 2, gta 5, garrys mod, no more room in hell, blackwake, left 4 dead 2, BIGFOOT Amount of subscribers: 67...
  17. Silverlite

    Gaming Sup Guys! Silverlite Here! (I'm new here)

    Whats Goin on guys, Silverlite here! I started YouTube like a year ago n post some games like Gmod Funny Online Moments n solo horror games! I enjoy playing with other people n make new friends! :D Although I'm still a college student so it's hard to upload videos consistently... If you wanna...
  18. DraycosDragon

    PC General Gaming Group Looking To Expand

    Hello there! I currently have a Discord group that currently just has 4 people in it that are active. I'm looking to expand the group. It's all about general PC games. And everyone either streams, records, or both. We're accepting anyone who has the games listed below and who is willing to join...
  19. SprPsycho

    Subscriber Milestone Issues...

    PEOPLE MAKE ME MAD!!! I come home and somebody let my little cousin on my computer... unlocked the door and all... I go to my YouTube to see how my most recent Would you Rather video was doing AND MY CHANNEL WAS DELETED!!! So I have now started a new channel and got all my friends to re-sub...
  20. SprPsycho

    Gaming Let's Make New Friends!

    Hello, my name is Tyler but i also go by Psycho. I'm looking for people who are willing to deal with my messed up personality and play some games/record with me. I recently started youtube back up in my free time from school and work and i would love to go even further with it and have fun doing...