1. DraycosDragon

    Other Milestone We Reached 300 Followers On Twitch!!!

    GOOD NEWS: My Twitch channel has FINALLY surpassed the goal i left for all of the viewers of my community... of reaching 300 followers by the end of June 2019!!! And as promised, there's going to be a 1-week-long charity event via Tiltify starting June 29 til July 6. HOWEVER... due to current...
  2. K Army Gaming

    I think we found our thing on youtube

    Lately we been doing alot of dance videos, Machinimas, and cinematics and it has been going well. We even hit our 300sub goal in such a short time. I would love to know if there are better ways of promotion.
  3. RyanSellers

    What is your YouTube Goal by 2019?

    Hey Freedom Community! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! What is your end of the year of 2018 subscriber goal that you want to reach? Mine is to hit 10k+ Subscribers.
  4. Jack Bounds

    Subscriber Milestone 100 Subscribers!

    I recently hit 100 subs and have already gained 19 more! I am so pleased to have reached 100 whatever happens next! 150 is my next goal! (y) (Y)
  5. Diversified Unison

    Subscriber Milestone Reached over 100 Subs!! New Goal 150.

    Today we reached over 100 subscribers, currently at 120.. So we've increased our goal to 150. Hopefully we will be able to reach that goal. :)
  6. Billy AngelWing

    Subscriber Milestone Recently hit 100 subs

    Hey everyone, a few days ago I reached my 100 sub mark. I know it's not a lot but I'm quite pleased with it. Next target - 200. Wish me luck
  7. FuturePerfectGaming

    Subscriber Milestone 100 subs! BOOM!

    Hey all, Sooo happy with this, We have just hit our first 100 subscribers goal! I absolutely LOVE being a youtube creator and live streamer and we are working hard planning new videos and regular uploads. Just wanted to share my news with you all!
  8. Deathlake

    Subscriber Milestone 250 subs ! ^.^

    For my art channel "Deathlake" it took 3 years for the first 60 subs however within a year manage to get it up to 250! , by uploading more of my record of making for the animations I create for uni ,as well as doodles thought no one would watch but mainly for personal enjoyment, got views on...
  9. Billy AngelWing

    Subscriber Milestone Can't seem to get passed 18 subs.

    My original goal was to hit 100 subs by the end of the year, closing in on 20 but been stuck on that for quite some time. Hoping to hit that 20 by the end of the month. Wish me luck.
  10. DrunkDimmu

    Gaming Introduce Me And My Dream / Goal.

    Hello. My Name is Pelitic. I'm 17 years old and would like to succeed in YouTube Gaming. I have a youtube channel with 31 subscribers. It's growing really slowly but i hope that will change soon because my goal of 2017 is to get to 1000 subscribers. If you would like to check out my channel i...
  11. Frosted Technology

    Subscriber Milestone 300 SUBS!!!!!

    Just less than 3 weeks ago I hit 200 subs, now I hit 300! Im happy to say that my channel is growing pretty fast! Gaining over 100 subs in less than a month has never happened to me before! Thank you anyone who has subbed and supported my channel! Best Regards, Cody
  12. Frosted Technology

    Subscriber Milestone 200 SUBSCRIBERS

    Hey guys I've just surpassed one of my biggest goals that I've never thought would be ever pass! I just passed 200 subscribers, just less then 1 month ago I passed 100 subscribers, and now I hit 200! I'm glad that my channel is growing fast! Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to me! My next...
  13. BBP Games

    Subscriber Milestone 800 Subscribers Goal

    Last week I just hit 700 subscribers and I would like to thank everyone who has supported me up to that time. In this past week, I have gained 60 subs! My goal right now is to hit 800 subs by next Sunday and I would love to thank everyone who will help me get there (y) (Y)!
  14. Nuno GME

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 25 SUB!

    ◄Goal 20 25 50 Subscribers►
  15. RidingWithRaj

    Subscriber Milestone 10 Subs

    To most, this seems very little. But for me, I consider it growth. I really hope to get to 50 by the end of the year. With just one video with a little over 100 views, I feel proud.
  16. Jimmy Flugel

    Subscriber Milestone +250subs

    yesterday I finally reached 250subs! thank you all for it! Let's go for the 500 :D
  17. V

    Subscriber Milestone I MADE MY FIRST GOAL!!!

    My goal is 10 subs per month, so this month was 30 subs, and now I have 31!!! :D Thank you all for your support!! I can't thank you enough xD A THOUSAND THANK YOUS!!!! So happy right now :')
  18. Voov

    Subscriber Milestone Over 1 thousand subscribers!

    We can't honestly believe it, how we've gone so far, but we managed to get to the 4 digits ;) Thanks to everyone who made this possible, really! We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you all ^^
  19. Near


    Hello, my name is Carl but as a youtuber i am Near. How old am i? 16 years old Where do i live? I live in Estonia How did i find freedom? One day when i was in youtube i got a message.. so i was like that's something new.. so i clicked on that message and it was from freedom. they asked me to...
  20. B

    Entertainment My Life, now including YouTube!

    Wassup guys! I am Bradley Whittaker (Bradley16) I have recently created my youtube channel so I'm new to it all and yes, as of now, my content isn't great.. at all.. but what makes me different to SO MANY YouTubers out there is that EVERY SINGLE DAY i am researching ways to improve! I watch...