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  1. Bollywood5movies

    Movies and TV Shows New Bollywood movie Official Chanel

  2. RyanSellers

    Movies and TV Shows New Star Wars Trailer Is Out!

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie trailer came out today! I can't wait to see it in December!
  3. Anthony Smith

    Audio Epic Movie Trailer Announcer pack 2016-06-09

    In a world where one man, er... woman... nongender specific person... You know what? I give up. But hey while I was setting a lot of this stuff up and day dreaming about how people might use C.R.I.B. I put this pack together of common "movie trailer" troupes said differently there's almost 150...
  4. MatC

    Request Need to feedback on CS:GO ACE movie trailer style montage

    Hello Freedom! Family I need you feedback on my new video I have this idea to make CS montage but I wanted to make something new that it's not so often made And I came up with this type of video. What do you think about this? I know it's not perfect but I am still a newbie in video editing