Epic Movie Trailer Announcer pack

Audio Epic Movie Trailer Announcer pack 2016-06-09

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In a world where one man, er... woman... nongender specific person... You know what? I give up. But hey while I was setting a lot of this stuff up and day dreaming about how people might use C.R.I.B. I put this pack together of common "movie trailer" troupes said differently there's almost 150 files here and there's likely to be something you might be able to use for a channel trailer, goofy video, or a gag of some sort so have fun!!

Oh, if you happen to think of it adding my youtube channel link to a description would be really cool if you use my voice :)
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This is amazing haha!
Great job!
Epic voice is allways cool, no matter the context :)
Amazing work Anthony! Well done :)
Thank you so much
Thank you for creating it !
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith
Very good! There should be more sound effect stuff.
No clue what I am going to do with it. But hell it's worth having! :) Great job!
Good quality, plethora of options, and potentially very useful!