1. Elly Space

    Entertainment Elly Space - 2121 (music video)

  2. XProject RageX

    Music Looking for so feedback on some music

    Hey what's up everybody how are yall new year coming along. I was wondering if yall can give me and my friend so feed back on some beat and songs he's been working on for a while now.. even though these two about about to show are done any kind of feedback would help and be amazing.
  3. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming Grand Theft Auto THE HEIR OF SCORPIO | Official THEME SONG Trailer | GTA V Machinima HD |

    Above & Beyond's 'Alone Tonight' is the official theme song for THE HEIR OF SCORPIO; the ninth and final chapter in the Agent 11 franchise. THE HEIR OF SCORPIO releases internationally on YouTube on 30 JULY 2021. OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: "Everything has led to this. After a catastrophic terrorist...
  4. CristoferK

    YouTube How to make my tutorials better?

    If yes how do you want my tutorial to be? With voice, without voice. With intro without intro, etc. Also what type of music you will want there to be? Also say your own tips please! Please reply! ^^ P.S. I am asking this because I want to know how to make my programming tutorials better for...
  5. Ido Berg

    Music Slap Bass Solo!

    happy birthday Flea! ( the bassist of the band: Red Hot Chili Peppers.) I made the video for him :) hope you will like it :D
  6. Ido Berg

    Music music Collaborate!

    Hi! my name is Ido and im 20 years old and im a Bassist & Guitarist. i would love to collab with a vocalist, Drummer, Bassist or Guitarist for a Music Video on YouTube. let me know if you would like to collab with me :) most of all i need a vocalist to make an Album. the kind of music bands/Djs...
  7. X

    Music Vocal world music

    Hello! I would love to introduce my music channel. I mostly upload acapella music covers and I also post my EPs and demos. At the moment, I only have music with graphics, but stay tune for upcoming music videos! I leave you one of my favorite songs: Thank you!
  8. X

    Subscriber Milestone 50 subscribers

    I jut hit 50 subscribers by making music only! No musical videos. I will start with music videos soon!
  9. X


    Hello! Are you looking for some music to add to your channel? I will let you use my music (I will send WAV files) as long as you add the song name and video link in your description. Thank you!
  10. Liano

    Music Introduction

    Hi guys, I'm a music producer from India, and also a part of Bluegrass Production, which is a small group of four of us, who primarily work with acoustic music. This is my channel:
  11. M

    Music MusicalSeries: a youtube channel in which Music becomes a TV series!

    Hello everybody! We are all familiar with Netflix, Prime Video or other streaming services. But what happens when a TV series in entirely musical? From an inspiration there is a new series (the first published is MusicalPoetry). The first episode of the first series is about to improvise a...
  12. huitsu430

    音樂創作 Aden Hui的電玩及音樂頻道

    大家好! 我是新人 我的頻道是主要關於音樂分享和電玩 請大家多多指教! 如果有興趣都可以訂閱小弟的頻道 謝謝!:):) 影片:
  13. MKDS1992

    Solved Am I allowed to use music on my second channel?

    Hi all, you can see my question already in the title. I launched a second YT channel and I am wondering if I am allowed to use the music for example from Epidemicsound on that channel too or only on my channel that is already linked to Freedom? Or do I have to link the second channel too...
  14. Giosaia S. Perillo

    Music New Fun Video

    Hey!! I just uploaded a video on YouTube and I really think you will like it. Go Here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Want to upload your music on Spotify with a 7% discount? Just...
  15. Giosaia S. Perillo

    Music My first single is LIVE!!!

    My first single is finally out!! Hope you like it:
  16. S-Records

    Film/Animation Anime Fans

    Hello Freedom Comunity , Specially Anime fans here some thing for you
  17. lex beats

    Music A royalty free lo fi track!

    Hey folks, here is another lo fi track i made yesterday, and i actually love it so much! Hope you like it, and also, you can use it freely in your videos as a background music or whatever you like, its royalty free!
  18. Giosaia S. Perillo

    Music Hey!!! I am a music creator!

    I create music: - Beats; - Covers; - Write original songs. Pls, for your sake, subscibe because I will be uploading covers and original music!!! Watch this for more info: Check out my: Facebook Page ==> Instagram ==> If you want to support my...
  19. Giosaia S. Perillo

    Music Who Am I And What I Do

    Hi everyone!!! I make beats and write my own music. Check it out on my channel! Watch this video for more info.
  20. Earl Allard

    Comedy Hilarious Music Video!