1. M

    Music MusicalSeries: a youtube channel in which Music becomes a TV series!

    Hello everybody! We are all familiar with Netflix, Prime Video or other streaming services. But what happens when a TV series in entirely musical? From an inspiration there is a new series (the first published is MusicalPoetry). The first episode of the first series is about to improvise a...
  2. Giosaia S. Perillo

    Music New Fun Video

    Hey!! I just uploaded a video on YouTube and I really think you will like it. Go Here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Want to upload your music on Spotify with a 7% discount? Just...
  3. lex beats

    Music Royalty free corporate music for your video!

    Tittle says it all, an ambient piano track i made a while ago that stock libraries rejected. So, what do you do with leftovers? You post them on youtube! If you plan to use this track, just put video link in description and you are good to go. This track is made 100% by me and is completely...
  4. Jonathan

    Audio Time Goes By 10/05/2017 (Visualiser)

    This was generated by AI and sounds rather nice. I though I'd share it with you. This one is good for long timelapses, ambient music and more! Genre: Calm / Melancholic Note: you HAVE to place this text in your description of your video to ensure you don't get a copyright strike for using the...
  5. Piano Uncovered

    Audio L'alba Del Tempo (Piano Instrumental)

    As a Freedom! member, you are allowed to use this music in any of your videos, but it will be appreciated if you leave the video link in your video's description. For more information: This is another of my piano compositions, called L'alba Del Tempo, yet again inspired by Einaudi. Hope you...
  6. Piano Uncovered

    Audio Il Mare Del Cielo (Piano Instrumental)

    As a Freedom! member, you are allowed to use this music in any of your videos, but it will be appreciated if you leave the video link in your video's description. For more information: This is another of my piano compositions, called Il Mare Del Cielo as I was inspired by Einaudi. The piece is...
  7. Piano Uncovered

    Forums New discussion tab: Music

    Hi, I think it would be a good idea to implement a Music tab in the discussions section for musicians and music enthusiasts to discuss Music based topics. Hope you take my idea on board, David (Piano Uncovered)
  8. Piano Uncovered

    Music Looking for a music collaboration

    Age: 15 Years Old Channel main topic: Music, Piano, Covers, Tutorials (Optional) What games/Which platform would you like to Collaborate: I would like to collaborate on YouTube itself. Amount of subscribers: 855 Other ways to contact you: Forum Conversation, Thread Reply, Twitter, Facebook...
  9. Piano Uncovered

    Music Hi, I'm Piano Uncovered

    Hi, I'm David (Piano Uncovered). I play the Piano and record YouTube videos for my hobby. I've been playing the piano for about 4 years now, I taught myself most of the stuff I know including how to read sheet music; I also learned some extra things through piano lessons. I started watching lots...
  10. Demkeys

    Music All That Remains (Piano Composition) by Demkeys Music

    Back with another Piano Composition! This one's called All That Remains. This track took me some time to piece together. Due to other work I wasn't able to work on it everyday, so it took more than a week. And each time it felt like something was missing. I decided to give it time, and work on...
  11. Demkeys

    Music Empty Halls (Piano Composition)

    Hey guys, I've made another piano composition. This one's called Empty Halls. With this composition I decided to try something different. I usually stick with the tempo while composing riffs. With this track I actually tried some riffs completely ignoring the tempo. I'm gonna add this track...
  12. RaverTunez

    Community Hello from RaverTunez

    Your name/alias: Mads-Robin Where are you from?: Norway How old are you?: 24 How did you find Freedom!? Don't remember what video it was i find the link. What made you join our forums?: Hehe dont realy know, wanne try something new What are your hobbies?: Playing piano, making music, and love...
  13. Demkeys

    Audio Piano Compositions v0.3

    Hey everyone. Here's a couple of my piano compositions that I would like to offer to the community. I'm gonna be posting the links here in the description, because they are all '.wav' files, and since I plan on adding more later, eventually the pack is just gonna become really big in size. So...
  14. Demkeys

    Music A Maze (Piano Composition)

    Back with another piano composition. I call this one A Maze. It was quite an adventure figuring out the rhythm. It was initially something else, but I kept listening to the track over and over again, and I just wasn't feeling it. I liked the lead so didn't wanna budge on that lol. I came close...
  15. Demkeys

    Music Flying (Piano Composition)

    Hey guys, back with another piano composition. This one's called Flying. I'm really loving composing my own music, and it's super fun too. And I learn so much with each track that I compose, it's crazy. Anyways, enjoy!
  16. Demkeys

    Music Lost (Piano Composition)

    Hey everyone, I recently released a new piano track called Lost on my music channel Demkeys Music. Check it out! Feedback is always welcome. I'm really loving composing piano music. And I learn new things with every composition. It's amazing!
  17. E

    Music Any drummers here above 200 subs for collab?

    Hi, I'm Elaine Yu and I play the piano. I currently have 233 subs and I'm thinking of doing a collab with a drummer and a different singer. I'm waiting for Green Day's Revolution Radio album to be released and then I'll see if I can pick out a song from there. If not, I'll choose a different...
  18. E

    Music Hi, I make piano videos!

    Hi, I'm Elaine Yu and I'm from the UK. I started playing piano when I was 6 and a half and had lessons until I was 17. When I was 12, my dad introduced YouTube to me and encouraged me to upload videos under his name. This got me more motivated to learn other songs that were not exam board...
  19. B

    Educational Hello Fellow Friends out in computer space

    I am start up youtuber started to get my son baseball video out there but has turned into something more we are a family oriented channel we have lots of fun and try new challenges all the time we have a country band that performs here and there all my kids are in sports i have large family and...
  20. N3ON9000

    Entertainment Check out my channel: Infinite Midi

    My Channel: Infinite Midi A Collection of High Quality Piano Tutorials Of Anime, Artists, Bands, Cartoons, Movies, TV Shows & Video Games I had always wanted to start my own YouTube channel, but always thought that I needed good equipment to start. Then I realized I already have all I need to...