royalty free

  1. lex beats

    Music A royalty free lo fi track!

    Hey folks, here is another lo fi track i made yesterday, and i actually love it so much! Hope you like it, and also, you can use it freely in your videos as a background music or whatever you like, its royalty free!
  2. Animates

    YouTube Please please help me, (not by the Beatles)

    Hi peoples, I really really need your help. I want to double the number of subscribers to my channel before the 1st Nov 2019. I guess it's a big ask because my content might not be of interest to you. Would you please take a quick peek and if you think you could use the content for your own...
  3. Animates

    YouTube Nudity and porn

    I recently started a you tube channel which posts green screen material which is free to use. I posted a couple very mildly "naughty" videos as an experiment. Sure enough they were earmarked as not suitable for kids. but of coarse those are the one's getting the views. Is there any real purpose...
  4. Animates

    Film/Animation Green Screen

    Does anyone use green screen assets and effects? My you tube channel is a free resource comprising of all sorts of different animations, intros, overlays and other assets which can be used for free. I am also a reseller for They have a ton of videos ranging from free to various...
  5. Animates

    Film/Animation Love

    Dad used to say if your work is something you love you will never work a day in your life. I love doing animation. I really hope that my FREE green screen effects, intros, surrounds and other material will help some of you in your own creations. If I can assist with anything in particular please...
  6. lex beats

    Music lex - i'm not good at anything - lo fi track!

    Hey, another lo fi track by me guys, hope you like it! Enjoyed this one? Check out full playlist here:
  7. lex beats

    Music Hello folks, its me again, with some new royalty free celtic music!

    Hey there boys and girls, i am here to bring you another one of my songs for free, which you can use in your videos! All you have to do is mention my name or my song in description and we are good! Take care and have a nice day!
  8. lex beats

    Music A royalty free Lo Fi hip-hop track for you!

    Yep, if you are not familiar with my royalty free library of music on my channel, you should take a look. Plenty of songs for you to use completely for free!
  9. Acrenzo

    YouTube Epidemic - Where can I find some music for typography/Motion graphics ?

    Hey everyone, I'm on epidemic right now trying to find some music for a typography intro I made (like an Apple ad) . I've been at it for an hour and still can't find some. Can somebody list me some music or direct to me the right album/category? Thank you!
  10. lex beats

    Music Royalty free lo fi hip hop track!

    Another one of my songs, free at your disposal! In case you missed it here is the link:
  11. lex beats

    Music A royalty free lofi track for you guys, by me!

    Just like tittle says, its a free lofi track pretty fit for all of your videos, you don't have to do anything besides giving me a credit in description. Its calm, its repeatable and its free, what else you could ask for!
  12. Alex Florent

    Audio Rock background music 2017-06-10

    Hi! This is a song I made. It's slightly rock. Good to use as a background music or anything you want to ! Please mention that it's made by guitaromaniac

    FTU Sounds Thy Betrayal 2017-03-20


    FTU Sounds Ravagers Vengeance 2017-03-20


    FTU Sounds Poetry in Motion 2017-03-20


    FTU Sounds Omnipresence 2017-03-20


    FTU Sounds Maqoch 2017-03-20


    FTU Sounds Laying the Foundation 2017-03-20


    FTU Sounds Knights of Death 2017-03-20


    FTU Sounds Fanfare for the Fleet 2017-03-20