small youtuber

  1. DanbroUK

    Gaming Baby from hell!!

    Hey guys this is me playing a little horror indie game called baby in yellow enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
  2. G

    Gaming HI I'am Void

    Hello I'am Void I'am a small channel with 47 subscribers I make minecraft vid and IO vid means I'am have Gaming channel.So ya that all for me hope you enjoy
  3. W

    Comedy Reacting To (and critiquing) 16 Year Old's $1 000 000 Shoe Collection

    This is my first post on this website, so idk how it works exactly. I made this video discussing people who spend a lot of money on shoes and my opinion on that with comedic bits thrown in. Please consider checking it out!
  4. A

    Gaming Hey, I'm Asinellus And I Make Gaming Videos

    Hi everyone, I'm Asinellus (not my real name) and I came across these forums when trying to promote my channel. So... I'm 17 and from Australia and have been making gaming videos for about 6 months or so. I mainly play mobile games, some Minecraft, and sometimes throw in some other videos just...
  5. DeadSilentTrent

    Gaming I Might Delete This Later

    This probably not the best video I made but for me it's just a way for me to vent rather than a begging foe help. I would like to know what you think. I know it's a bad so some advice to better my channel would help.
  6. Mr Grim

    Gaming Ghost Recon Wildlands Funny Moments

    Hi freedom family hope you are all doing v great. Last night I joined a random game and there was a drunk Scottish man, a English girl and myself. These are the best bits (that I could put in the video). If you could check it out that would be amazing. Drop me a comment if you want to. If you...
  7. Mr Grim

    Gaming Ghost Recon Woodlands SAS Base Raid (Ghost Mode)

    Hi guys how are you doing. If you could do me a solid and check out my new video that would be fantastic. Im play ghost recon wildlands with no HUD and one the hardest difficulty. If you have any pointers or comments please don't hesitate to let me know. If you like the video smash that button...
  8. Thinfv

    PC Collaboration for Pc Gamers

    Hey Everybody! My name is Thinfv! I'm a pc gamer who would love to fully immerse myself into the "Youtube World" Please Let Me know if anybody would be interested! I only play pc, but if your willing to collab and I dont have the proper game, no worries, I will get the proper materials...
  9. SushiDoes

    Gaming Hello people of the world!

    Hello everybody who is reading this. I'm a guy in my teenager-hood, who is making gaming videos (mostly minecraft, and i'm starting to do some pokemon gaming videos too). I just love making videos it's like a hobby to me. I have been watching minecraft yuotubers for at least 5 years now and...
  10. DuhhSwifteh

    Community 4 the Small Youtubers

    #FreedomFamily, I feel like the small youtuber community need to be more social than we are. I am always looking for other small channels so I can collab and most importantly to me, make new friends. I personally get bored playing by myself all the time and even if its just another person to...
  11. Dunkin4donuts

    Why haven't you quit youtube yet?

    I'm just having one of those days where I am lacking some motivation. So why haven't you quit youtube yet? What keeps you moving forward?:)
  12. Dunkin4donuts

    Educational Just hit 500 subs! Grow your channel like me =D

    I’ve decided to share with you guys my secrets on how I grew my channel up until this point. You can use these tips to improve your channel size and grow bigger. These tips can help you if you are a beginner/starter. I describe some places where you can share your vidoes. The list consists of...
  13. Dunkin4donuts

    Life The Struggles of Being a Small youtuber! #Small youtuber problems

    So, I've decided to touch upon the topic of being a small youtuber and what it feels like. I've been growing little by little so i wanted to make a video before my rights to talk about being a small youtuber gets stripped away xP I explain some of the struggles thatI believe others face as...
  14. DrawingManic1

    VLOG Hey, ItsKamryn!

    Hello. In case you didn't read the title, my name is Kamryn :) I go by ItsKamryn now, although you may see DrawingManic1 in places. That was my old username and it'll stick with me forever I suppose lol. (I am a girl, btw.) I'm from Indiana, but if you've seen my channel before, you'd know that...
  15. Redhead_Games

    Gaming Need Tips On Improving My Commentary!

    Hi! I would really appreciate it if a few people watch this video and give me some tips on improving my commentary skills! I am fairly new to commentary and want to focus on it more than Let's Plays and such! If you enjoy check out my other videos and subscribe! Anyway here is the video! ---...
  16. Exxpo

    Gaming Welcome To My Channel! :D

    Hey whats up guys this is Exxpo you most likely do not know me, this being my first post on this forum site so let me introduce myself. I am a 15 year old gamer that is super excited to do something different and i feel i can do that with YouTube but i cant do that without some people coming...
  17. The Extras

    Gaming TheExtras Group Gaming Channel!

    If anyone is interested in joining a group gaming channel that was made to help smaller YouTubers grow together, fill out this and we'll get back to you if the team accepts you :)
  18. DestSicate

    Request hey guys can i get a channel review ?

    hey guys I'm a small gaming channel currently 125 subs but am still looking for new ways to improve it would mean a lot if you can check out my channel and if you think its any good maybe tell your friends and help me to grow thank you in advanced Dest!
  19. JaxYT

    Gaming Gaming Channel

    I'm a YouTuber named Avoid! I post gaming videos mainly Call of Duty but I'm looking to expand in the near future into some other kinds of games like Destiny and some random games. I mainly post commentaries, live gameplays and some other things. I've been doing YouTube for around 1 year and...
  20. E

    Service Request PLEASE help me get a Game Capture Card for PS3

    Hey Guys. This is Eze Mugweni and i recently started my YouTube channel and i really need a game capture card for my PS3 so i can start recording console game play. i have new games and games that everyone likes Ex. GTA V and Black ops 3 and other call of duty's. I would really appreciate it if...