1. Elly Space

    Entertainment Elly Space - 2121 (music video)

  2. Ghen tech

    Watch Time Milestone Have passed 5000 views miles

    Passed 5000 views milestone and am feeling like the boss. The real bosses in the house, how do I make 1 million views in less than 6 months?
  3. Drawyah

    YouTube Views Milestone 1,000,000 VIEWS!

    Today we have hit 1,000,000 lifetime views! We also recently reached 2,300 subscribers, but that's not as interesting. Its also a slightly bittersweet moment as two-fifths of my views come from a single video, showing that my channel is also leaning towards the weaker side too, but its nice to...
  4. P

    YouTube Hey! What do yo do to get more views and new suscribers?

    I have a channel about profesional audio at home (like recording a singer, a banda, stuff like that). It's in spanish. The thing is that I'm trying to get more views and suscribers, but seems like it's not working so well. Maybe an advice? Thanks guys!
  5. Gaming Community Zeeland

    Watch Time Milestone I Hit the 14K Viewers!!

    Hello Everyone, i hit whit this amazing video the 14K views. taste to more. let's go.
  6. MrGengisar Shimazu

    YouTube Views Milestone 700,000 Views!

    I have had more than 700,000 views in my channel in 2 hard years. All with effort and sacrifice. Thank you all! I show it here...
  7. Basia Kuchnowska

    News Youtube just hate me...

    Can you help me? Youtube just f... me up. My subscribers didn't get information about my new materials. Can you help me reach 1k views?
  8. tovah

    YouTube Views Milestone i just got 100 views overnight from 1 video

    so my net neutrality video got 100 views for a channel that has almost 60 subs that's insane and it got it overnight and the tags i used was from tube buddy tags and i only used 3
  9. Deathlake

    Other Milestone 100,000 views and 1k subs!

    Reached both 100,000 views and 1000 subscribers for my art and animation channel! in the milestone video looked back on my first ever video and the most popular videos. The 2 milestones came 3 days before the 4 year anniversary of the art channel!! ^^
  10. RyanSellers

    YouTube Views Milestone 2.5 million Total Views

    I just achieved a new YouTube milestone for views! 2,500,000+ views now! My next goal is to get 5 million views! It may take a couple years, unless I have a second viral video before than or my channel blows up with traffic like crazy!
  11. avrona

    YouTube Large Spike in Views After 1 Hour of Upload ? What is it and how to Bring it Back?

    Ever since I started doing Pokemon TCG openings, since the first video I made on it the video got the most views within the first hour or so, getting 30-40 views. But since then, that big jump in the first hour has decreased. What exactly were those jumps and how can I bring them back?
  12. HealPleaseHeal

    YouTube Views Milestone 20K Views & Rising BABY!

    I saw this morning that I had around 19,945 views, and just check it now, i have over 20,071 views. So I hit the 20K mark which is pretty awesome in my opinion. Sooo... yay to me!
  13. Deathlake

    Other Milestone 2 milestones!

    Reached over 600 subs on my art channel! had about 500 in January, had the art channel for 4 years now This video reached 856 views in one week!. on average my normal videos only get 70 - 120 views and stop gaining them after about the first 3 days.
  14. A

    News Lets break the 1000 subscribers

    Lets Hit 1000 subscribers together :D
  15. Deathlake

    Community The DEATH for art channels!

    Please do comment below or on actual video your thoughts on the new rules! A little rant about the new youtube 2018 rules. Very tricky for an art channel to reach 4000 hours watch time! as well as looking through some stats. Just found out at some stage they changed the policy for thumbnails...
  16. avrona

    YouTube Finally Made a Series That Does Well. What to do Next?

    In the middle of 2017, I decided to record a video of me opening my very first pack of Pokémon cards and that video beat all my expectations. Within its first hour, it got like 30 views, which is insane. My videos get around 10 views, so seeing how many it got in just an hour was incredible...
  17. Jack Bounds

    Subscriber Milestone 100 Subscribers!

    I recently hit 100 subs and have already gained 19 more! I am so pleased to have reached 100 whatever happens next! 150 is my next goal! (y) (Y)
  18. Cynthia Hanson

    Animated Gifs?

    Hello. I was just wondering if anyone agrees or has experience that using animated gifs for thumbnails earns more views and subscribers?
  19. EpikWill

    YouTube Views Milestone HIt 100K views

    Let me introduce myself; I am Will, owner of my YouTube channel EpikWill. YouTube is something that I have been passionate for a long time. Recently, I just hit over 100,000 views which simply made my day. One video I made got over 60,000 with Camtasia studio, and it really motivates me to keep...
  20. SoccerBrosTv

    Other Milestone 1.1K Subs with 2.4K total Views

    This our second month of doing YouTube all together and I want your take on this. I know I posted a thread before but this is an better update! Are we doing good things on our channel? We very please what we got in under 2 months...