1. Jmgoodog11

    Introduction Hi, Started Creating Content 17 years ago, Oct,1,2006. Still Here, TOS Rules Changed, Taking old idea's I had from 2006, & making them even better.

    After making FPS content since 2012 and failing, to gain a fraction of viewers or even subscribers. I had videos that did well over 20k views and no one subscribes! The last 4 years, I have been working and putting out some of the best content, I have ever put out. I use to put out content...
  2. IntheStyleofBlueCheese

    Gaming A New Member Approaches

    Your name/alias: Hello everyone! My name is Kieran and I just recently started doing PNGTubing. I reside in the United States and usually do my gaming during the late hours. I found Freedom! since I was previously a partner when I had my original gaming channel a couple of years ago. My reason...
  3. BizMeister

    Gaming Spooks in Phasmophobia!!

    Hey folks, hope you're all doing well. Would love to get some reviews as to what you guys think of it and any tips to improve for future videos.
  4. Anthony Smith

    Community I don't want to do this alone anymore, Who's with me?

    Friends, Creating content can sometimes be a lonely affair. Working till the wee hours of the morning on a project with little feedback from people who have been there stressing about something that some viewers may not notice or appreciate. I'm sick and tired of not having peers to bounce...

    Gaming Subscribe to my Gaming YouTube Channel

    Hi Guys! Please subscribe and support my channel on YouTube. I want to make it big someday and give back to the community. My Channel is all about videogames because I spend 24 hours playing it lol Please like, comment and subscribe! :)

    Gaming Help me grow on Youtube

    Kindly help me grow on my YouTube channel :)
  7. Z

    YouTube Views Milestone Got a 1k views on my Video

    Hey guys i just got a 1k views on the YouTube video. If you want to help me to get further views and subscriber in my videos than i will be very very thankful. video links:
  8. Ido Berg

    Gaming Call Of Duty Mobile - i lost at #2 :/ | battle royal #5

    click on the link to help me reach my goals <3 783/1,000 subscribers! lets go :D
  9. O

    News and if we share of channel of youtube and subscribe all together?

    what say everybody? this is my channel:
  10. P

    Entertainment Hey, I'm Panashe Madz

    I'm new to this whole network thing, but I've been doing youtube for a long time and honestly, I'd love to collab with any and all of you.
  11. SlingshotSA

    VLOG Finally Reaching Max Level in Pokemon Go

    Hope you guys enjoy the video!!
  12. O

    Entertainment I'm a YouTuber with 131 subs and I make a variety of different YouTube videos!

    Hi everybody! I'm Kyra and I've been doing YouTube for about 4 years. I make YouTube videos of all types! I usually have an artistic flair to anything I do on YouTube, but I'm currently venturing out into content about YouTube Culture/the internet in general. I would appreciate anybody who...
  13. MidlandUnionBeats

    Music New Producer Chanel

    Hello everybody, we introduce ourselves briefly: our name is Midland Union Beats we are 4 beat producers from Germany and are working on building our own beats for sale and releasing them on Youttube. These beats are free to use by the name taggs in the beats and you have to link or...
  14. S

    Beauty Youtube Channel

    hey guys, I have had my Youtube channel for almost a year now and would love some support! I work really hard and try to upload videos daily! Please subscribe and show some love! My channel name is Sukihaer. thank you.
  15. RSJP

    Entertainment Aspiring YouTuber; 18 and Haitian

    Hi everyone, I just started my youtube channel a month ago and now that I am graduating high school I wanted to start making memories through my youtube. Hope you guys comment and share some of your advice with me, I am all ears for constructive criticism and support my growth through this new...
  16. NotYourAverageTransGirl

    Podcast I Want to start a Podcast

    What's up all, Keira aka Not Your Average Trans-Girl here. I kinda want to start a Podcast about Truth, Justice and anything goes... or something like that anyway lol So I need at least 1 Co-Host if not more. I live in Tucson AZ, so it would be DOPE if you were too. But if not that's what Skype...
  17. NotYourAverageTransGirl

    Community What's Crackin???

    Hey there, Keira from Not Your Average Trans-Girl here. New to Freedom! and wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am currently 37 years old and live in Tucson AZ I have had my YouTube Channel since 2007 and I am just now REEEEALLY wanting to take it seriously. I am pretty Rad. I am...
  18. Julianne G.

    VLOG Hey Guys! ^-^

    Hai, my name is Julianne..I'm currently 16 yrs old, and I spend most of my time inside, making youtube videos and playing online games! I cam from the Philippines, but I grew up in Canada :D I'm on the process of learning the piano, but I get lazy... xD So tell me about yourself, and maybe we...
  19. Tim McCammon

    Gaming What's going on? MonoNinja Here!

    Hi I'm Tim! Otherwise known as MonoNinja on YouTube! I'm a small YouTuber just trying to turn something I love into something I can do for the rest of my life! I love interacting with people via YouTube whether it be in my livestreams or collaborations! I'm pretty funny with a one of a kind...
  20. Xtainlex Blix

    Gaming Hello, Friends, And Family-- XtainlexBlix says "Hello"

    Hello, Friends, and Family my name is Bill kaduru, but my channel name is Xtainlex Blix. I just started my new channel a few days ago. I only have 3 videos up and I think you will like my content, and if you do. I consider subscribing. I love the freedom family and love yall thanks a lot for...