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Feb 1, 2016

I've just taken a look at your channel and latest streams, here's a few thoughts I had:
  • Channel Avatar: The G fits the channel, but I would have just the G, nothing else. I can see smaller text around it and the G itself isn't the full size it could be. Maybe make a avatar with just the G in it and use that?
  • Channel Banner: To me the banner felt a tad unprofessional, having three differet fonts and freedom logo been (rather obviously) magic wanded onto the banner. Personally I would focus on simplicity, keep it to one message and then, if you feel it would fit, add smaller area's of text where appropiate.
  • Channel About Section: Maybe just add to this a little with a few extra details on what you and what your passionate about.
  • Channel Links: I would remove the website from there, its been inactive for over 2 years and quite franctly looks unfinished...
  • Thumbnails: The latest 3 are okay, but I would add some variety each time, even if its just the background, would help make them stand out more.
  • Video Quality: Considering the content was live, the quaility is fairly good, the visuals do lag a little now and then but its managable. Though I would see if there is a way to not strech the game to have it full screen, as it is quite easy to see the strech on the video width. I would also consider having the webcam a tad smaller, felt to me it took up too much space on the screen.
  • Audio Quality: Mic quaility is okay, but rather quiet, maybe try boosting that a tad.
  • Video Description: I felt this was rather blank. having a space after every link was un-necessary. Maybe have more details about what the series is about and what goes on in the video. This will help your channel too as the descriptions are used to help get viewers to your videos.
Hope that helps you out a little

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Jul 30, 2014
After having a look, we would definitely recommend maybe cutting down some of the playlists so there aren't as many? This is partly to increase professionalism but also because people could be retracted away from viewing your content if they cannot easily find certain videos!

In addition to this, we would also say that, though the overall thumbnails have a really good and consistent design to them, maybe try and get a more professional logo and banner done that have a similar theme as well?

Overall though? Solid work! Keep up the great work!
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