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Kai the Great

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Aug 6, 2022
Hello everyone, the name is Kevin and I live in Canada. I can understand Chinese but not write and and I'm learning French. I'm also currently 13 years old. I wanted to advertise my channel but I didn't know how to start so I searched up a video, and it recommended forums. I searched up popular forums for YouTube and here I am now. My current hobbies is that I really like to edit videos and listen to epic sound tracks hoping to one day put them in my videos. My favourite food would probably be pizza. Lots of people like it so I'm a generic waffle for that question. I started YouTube by watching Beluga videos and also a Youtuber called JoHNNY JoNES. I thought that Beluga's content was kinda boring and got old so I wanted to make my own YouTube channel and try and beat Beluga by posting better content (It probably won't happen though) My biggest dream that is actually achievable is that I want to be a Youtuber that makes videos at home and get tons and tons of views. My biggest dream that isn't realist is being able to get any ability from any anime/cartoon. I'm a new Beluga Youtuber who wants to take Beluga's content and take it above and beyond by adding fight scenes and actual story and plot into the videos. I currently only made one video so far without any fighting scenes but a little bit of story and plot but I try to make videos with as much time and dedication as possible. I'm not sure at this point because I only made one video so far, but I'll upload as soon as I finish making a video, that's for sure


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Aug 13, 2014
Ahoy there Kevin! Welcome to Freedom. I'm Shadowz I'm in hopes you enjoy urself & its pleasure having you join us. As for creating videos. Take the time to think of what kind of videos you would like to do & how often. You don't really have to have a set schedule right away. Explore ur options of how you want to get things going. Also one video is a start of many to come. Cheers! :cool:
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