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Jun 19, 2014
Hey everyone,

For years I have been a solo minecrafter on my channel, for a while now though I have been loosing interest in making content for my channel and I have been trying to keep going but it's been affecting my channel and it has suffered as a result. It took me a while of trail, error and soul searching but I have finally come to the conclusion that quite simply I am bored with solo play.

Now that the being honest about my situation is out of the way lol what I am looking to do is this, I would like to try and play (off cam) with people who may be interested to see if there is a usable dynamic.

Anyone who is interested needs to know time wise I am from England, work 30+ hours a week and a full time single dad so any recording is normally done either on a day off when my daughter is at school or from about 8.30-9pm BST.

At the moment I am looking to do maybe 3 videos a week to get back on track and I do prefer modpacks.

I don't know if I am allowed to place a channel link in this thread type so if you want to look at my videos my channel name is SadClown654.

I know I have droned on for a bit and sorry for that but if you are interested leave me a message and we will see what can be done.

Thank you for the taking the time to read this,


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Jun 9, 2015
Hey man I'm in the same boat with you when it comes to minecraft. I love the game but the solo play is not good for content. I'm from the states but I'm sure I'd be able to record with you on your schedule. I work 45+hours a week btw.
I'm 23. If you check my channel out for minecraft videos I do have them just I privated most my videos to try and start fresh at the beginning of the year. I do have a high knowledge of vanilla and quite a few mods. My channel is TheDeluxe74 ( I know I haven't listed in awhile it's just I got bored playing solo) and my discord is
Hope we can work together mate.


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Apr 7, 2019
hey dude, i took a glance at your channel and you have no minecraft, im looking too play modpacks, do you play it or them much?

I play a lot of minecraft I've just not done much recording on it. I do have some video ideas though for minecraft. It's just I don't have that many Discord friends that wanna record it


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May 6, 2014
Good Day there SadClown654, I I'm from the central USA, but most days or I should say night.... i'm up all night and would love to do some co Lab work with you, I have a lot of time and experience in modded Minecraft, I started playing modded minecraft back in the old industrial craft (I think that was 1.1 beta...) and one of the first modpack maps that I played was the old FTB pyramid days (1.2.5), I've ran modded servers starting with the mindcrack pack and the first dierwolf20 days, all the way up to today where I've manly been running a whitelisted vanilla server for about 15 guys for about 2 years nows and basically the server is always empty and I'm about to close it down to run a modded pack (not sure which one atm, we can talk about it later on and figure out how we are going to handle recording times).

My style of recording is similar to direwolf20's videos, as I think if fits how I am perfectly, I like to research the mods in a pack, how they work, and go from there, I mostly like tech based mods, as the magic stuff isn't my cup of tea.

Feel free to add me on discord or join my channel and PM me there, whichever is easier for you, I'm online most hours of the day/Night.

Discord Server https://discord.gg/tRMg3Rr
My Discord TheWarGamer11#1367

I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)