GFX Request Overlay for The Legend of Zelda Randmoizer Series


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May 4, 2017
Hello Freedom Family. I have been streaming A Link to the Past Randomizer, and will be working on Ocarina of Time and Wind waker as well. So I like a twitch overlay for this if possible. I really would be thankful. I like a chat area, alert areas for the following: Donations, Subscribers, Followers. A Area for my social sites, and a spot for I will try to get the hud for each game.

If you can do this I would be really greatful, Im not asking for the best, but something to start with.

If you know how to I looking for gifs for when some does those actions some zelda related comes up, whether bits fall into a chest or they pop out of a chest, or something like that. We can work on it togethere if you want.