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Hey there! I've recently started a Discord group for a tabletop style RPG which I'm planning to eventually stream once everything is set up (hopefully by April 30). If anyone is interested and wants to be either a player, a GM (Game Master), or switch (meaning you switch between the 2 depending on whose turn it is that day), then please let me know. Currently there's just me and 3 others (4 people total). We're willing to accept others into the group if they're interested.

  • WHERE I STREAM: Twitch (it's linked on my profile in the "signature" section)
  • WHEN I STREAM: every 2nd Friday 1pm-1am CST/CDT, every Saturday 1pm-1am CST/CDT, and every Sunday 1pm-8pm CST/CDT
  • WHY 2 TIMEZONES MENTIONED: The time remains the same but may seem different to those who are in places where time changes don't happen. That's because where I am, the timezone changes (this year it changes to CDT in March 11 then changes back to CST in November 4).
  • FOR THOSE UNAWARE OF TIMEZONE INITIALS: CST = Central Standard Time // CDT = Central Daylights Time
  • DO YOU HAVE TO STREAM/RECORD AS WELL? This is optional. I will be streaming our sessions but you don't have to if you don't want to. That is up to you. The RPG streams i'm going to do is more just to have fun and get along with each other while I'm trying to interact with any possible viewers I happen to get in my streams (and yes plans can also happen off stream if you prefer)
  • WHAT KIND OF TABLETOP RPG? We're unsure yet. But we're probably going to start with just the classics first (such as Paizo PathFinder 3.5e, D&D 5th edition, etc). When everyone feels up for it, than we can try other variations (such as custom campaigns, Fallout Equestria, etc). Mainly because not everyone in the group is used to playing tabletop RPGs. Plus the RPG site we'll be using (Roll20.net) is a bit complicated for some people to figure out and some of us would like to learn how to use it first.
  • If you want any more info OR if you are interested and would like to join, just let me know and PM me what your Discord is (must include the name, the #, and the 4 digits. otherwise I won't be able to add/invite you on Discord)
  • WHAT YOU NEED: Just need to have Discord and at least a somewhat decent mic and/or headset so we can communicate with you better
  • NOTE 1: You WILL have to be at least 16 years of age of older (mainly because some of what we say in my streams aren't meant for younger people)
  • NOTE 2: Before anyone asks, yes the site we'll be using is mobile friendly... meaning it can be used via mobile as well... not only on PC. So pretty much everyone would be able to use it... even people with literally no graphics cards at all