1. F

    PC Stream team?

    Looking for some people, or just one person really, to stream with. I don't really have a schedule, but if I add you on Discord or something, I'll let you know when I'm going live. Looking to play games like Rocket League, Overwatch, Golf With Your Friends, Borderlands 2, etc. If you're...
  2. The Rubin

    XBox GTA V and Ark: Survival Evolved Collab. Accepting up to 3 people

    Soon, I will be starting a brand new series on my channel featuring ARK and GTA V. So I wondered if anyone here could help me. Also, their channel link will be in the description for collaborating in the series. Anyone can join. I am looking for people to join on the Xbox One also. Need 1-3...
  3. KingAmDa

    Gaming Hey guys, my name is KingAmDa and I play video games

    I make gaming videos on YouTube under the channel name KingAmDa. I play all sorts of video games such as: If there is ever a time in which you would like to collab with me, just comment on a video of mine.
  4. SweatySohan

    Gaming BLACK OPS 2 with FACECAM!!!

    Call of Duty Black ops 2 MADNESS!!! in 1080P 60 WITH FACECAM! IF you LOVE COD and Love Games then Check out my CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE! I spend 4-5 HOURS Editing Videos to make them THE BEST THEY CAN BE!!! Black ops 2 is a very FUN GAME and I will definitely Upload this AGAIN!!!
  5. SweatySohan

    YouTube Can Youtube HELP Smaller Channels???

    I understand that Youtube isn't easy but there are some really GOOD Channels out there which don't get enough exposure as they should get! YOUTUBE Makes it easy to find Big Channels but not smaller ONES! NOT EVERYONE STARTED FAMOUS! Give me your Opinion!
  6. StandingGhost

    Comedy Funny GTA Montage

    Hey Guys I Posted This Video A While Back I Wanted To Know What You Think
  7. B


    Hey! i am a guy that has 51 Subscribers, i wanted to start a collabortation With someone With the same amount +/- or more than me haha.Please contact me if interested
  8. F

    PC Borderlands 2 Collab!

    Looking for someone to collab with for Borderlands 2, as it's in the lead on the Strawpoll I posted earlier. If anyone wants to, hit me up on Discord! It's Dusk225 #9544 And here's the strawpoll if anyone wants to vote on it:
  9. SweatySohan

    XBox I JUST HIT 250 SUBS!

    HEY, i have just hit 250 Subscribers and i want to do a collab! I have GTA V, FIFA 17, COD INFINITE WARFARE, COD 4 REMASTERED, COD BLACK OPS 3, FORZA HORIZON 3, FORZA 6, Rocket League & MORE! I also upload in 1080p60 with Facecam and i spend 4-5 Hours editing a video! Please contact me if you...
  10. Bleo

    Gaming VainGlory Collab

    Hello to people who play Vainglory, If you dont play Vainglory, Its a 3v3 MOBA game for IOS. So I wanted to collab with people who play it Make a Collab video with em, If you dont play, I recommend playing it, its really fun So if you are interested Just reply to this post
  11. SoggyBurrito

    Gaming **Looking for PC Gaming Collaboration Members**

    Hi everyone, first I would like to thank you for taking a look at my post. I am SoggyBurrito on YouTube, if you would like to check out my channel feel free! Let me just get to the nitty-gritty of things. I am looking for serious people who are interested in making PC Gaming Videos. I am...
  12. R

    Gaming Youtube Discord Collaboration Server

    Hello my name is Rizzle, I am a small youtuber but I have had many channels I have been on youtube for 6 years and ive seen it change. Anyway my point is that its hard now for small youtubers to get noticed and get the attention they deserve, Youtuber Exchange is here to help. YT Exchange is a...
  13. F

    Gaming PC Collab?

    Hey guys! I'm looking to do a collab on PC. Could be Borderlands 2, Rocket League, Portal 2, Resident Evil 5, stuff like that! If you're up for it, hit me up!
  14. therisingof1

    PC Looking for 3 people to play cards against humanity

    Currently I can't record any content at the moment cause i have to get a capture card for my xbox one, so in the meantime I want to work with some new people to enjoy a few games for cards against humanity until I get a capture card in a few weeks. Much appreciated guys
  15. ColdPhantom

    PC Look For a few Conan Exiles Players

    server is dead, dont bother
  16. MrGsqrd

    YouTube Views Milestone 25K Views!

    Sup all Started my gaming channel back in Jan 2015. -Currently at 68 Subs, but I just his 25000 Views which is pretty nice to me. If your subbed to me thank you for the support, if your interested in checking out my channel, or collaborating check the link in my signature.
  17. DraycosDragon

    PC Multiple PC Games (collabs accepted)

    I've recently downloaded over 7 games and I've had a few prior to getting them. I would like to do collab video with other people on the games. If you have Steam and at least 1 of the following games and you are 16 years of age or older and if you have either a Twitch or YouTube, then please let...
  18. The AtomicBear

    VR I'm looking into creating a game (rpgm)

    I have always had the desire of making an rpg, so i bought rpg maker, but for some reason i haven't found the motivation to go through with something and i think it's because i want to work with someone with me on it as i find it boring working by myself and am just not looking forward to it...
  19. MLGPorky

    Gaming 2500 Subs, Looking for one time or long term collab!

    Hey guys! I recently came back to youtube and I'll be uploading Minecraft, Rocket League, and I can do some CSGO videos if you don't have either of those games My channel - I'd love to collab with someone so let me know if you're interested! If your channel...
  20. FitGamer

    PC Calling All Aussie Youtubers Collab

    I'm looking for some new people who I can shoot the **** with and have a fun time playing games with cause that's where the magic for awesome footage is. I don't care about subs or stuff like that I just need some people to get my pop culture references. Requirements: Just a good personality...