1. Travel Maker

    VLOG Nightlife in cambodia - Clubs on a tourist street.

    Dancing battles took place in the exciting clubs on the streets of travelers in line with the songs. People are all excited. I was glad to be able to capture this wonderful sight.
  2. K

    Entertainment My Introduction

    Hi Freedom Community! I AM HERE (for My Hero fans!) I am KingSiryWavy. I'm from Los Angeles, CA and I found Freedom by searching YouTube for ways to grow my channel. I joined this forum/community to connect with my fellow Youtube starters and create so we can help each other grow. My channel is...
  3. K Army Gaming

    Service Request Need players For Fortnite Rave Dance Video

    we are in need of some more players (PC) to join us in our latest project. We are doing a fortnite RAVE and dance battle......Please message asap and let me know if interested thanks. Everyone will be credited of course...Planning this for the 1k sub special :D
  4. Chen Dances

    Entertainment Stray Kids - District 9 Dance Cover

    my cover of District 9 by Stray Kids. For those of you that don't know them, they are a new kpop group and this is their debut song :D let me know what you think!
  5. K Army Gaming

    Entertainment Fortnite Dance | Starships [Nicki Minaj Parody]

    Fortnite Parody of the Nicki Minaj Song (Starships were meant to fly) Hope yall enjoy this. It was hectic to get all the clips. We played so many games to get this done XD. A like and sub would be appreciated. Also share with your friends Thanks For Watching. Stay tuned for more Facebook...
  6. K Army Gaming

    Our one popular video that gave growth is being copied XD

    I would like some opinions from everyone on this.....What is your take on people copying exactly what you do. In my opinion taking inspiration from others is a way to start and getting ideas but trying to copy exactly what it is. Bad way to start. And they stole the thumbnail which makes it...
  7. K Army Gaming

    Entertainment Over 5k views :O | Fortnite Dance

    we did this to try out something new. It blew up out of nowhere and we are shocked at the growth. we are working on a new video. Hope y'all enjoy this. like comment and share with friends
  8. J

    Entertainment Hey! My name is Jayson! I'm new

    Hey everyone, My name is Jayson, i'm 24 years old, I come from Holland and i'm an freestyle dancer. My style is mostly a mix between hiphop and popping, but I use other influences as well. I want to share my dance on Youtube and hope that people will have a good time watching my video's. And...
  9. Deathlake

    Community Chinese new year!

    please do comment below how you celebrated or what you plan to do on Chinese new year^^ Chinese new year uni event^^
  10. Deathlake

    Film/Animation 3D Clothing dance animation test fail!

    please do comment below your fave or most embarrassing dance move! one of many animation tests, was mainly focusing on the Ncloth maya clothing simulation then the rig in this. this is for my thesis animation, in the process of trying to figure how how to do the clothing animation D :
  11. K Army Gaming

    Entertainment Fortnite Cha Cha Slide | Fortnite Dance

    While everyone is fighting this is what we're doing This was very difficult to edit in terms of getting rid of the emote wheel but i think it's okay. had to do frame by frame edits. We are planning to do more dances so if yall got any suggestions we could try, let me know. Hope yall like it
  12. Redd Sunn72

    Gaming Youtube IS Evil!!! | Catherine Let play

    hey, i jut wanted to say that, i think that what youtube i doing i going to backfire on them is a very huge was. On the surface, i understand why they are doing this, however, the bots are going to continue doing what they are doing regardless. The only thing these new rules are going to do is...
  13. Flex Bormarr

    Request Review my new song?

    New song I uploaded recently. It is a mix of progressive house and progressive trance. What do you think?
  14. JaysContent

    Entertainment Comedy/Vlogger/Dance/Cinematography

    Hey! My name is Jeremiah (Aka JaysContent). I make skits, vlogs, and dance videos. I recently upgraded to a better camera so be expecting a lot more content! My goal is to make a living off of youtube eventually. And to build a personal brand. Stay Wavy~
  15. TheCodyNetwork

    Comedy R.I.P. MICROSOFT PAINT!?!?!?!

    Could it be true!?!? Is MS Paint truly dead? ..... ..... SPOILERS: It's not dead. But here's a little skit illustrating how I felt on that sad day where Microsoft made their "special" announcement. This is a skit that was supposed to be apart of an episode of Wake Up With Cody but never...
  16. Flex Bormarr

    Service Request Help me finish this song with your ideas

    So I'm working on this song. I like the chords, I like the kick and the clap, I just don't know what genre to make it entirely. Any suggestions on what to do with it would help tremendously. Help me with this song
  17. Projekt Snow

    Music Hello, Freedom! Family.

    Hello Freedom! My name is Jaylyn Snow, I was part of the Freedom! network when it first ever began. Using the name "Anoxea" - I was the first person to admin/mod these forums, along side Ernest. I've had a gaming channel & a motovLog channel linked with this network in the past. I live in...
  18. MWproductions1000

    Music Shadowsense - Hazelnut Mocha [PROGRESSIVE HOUSE]

    I finally got around to uploading this little song to Youtube! :D This is one of my best in my opinion, worked really hard on it and it took a while to do because I couldn't figure out what to do after the first drop!
  19. MWproductions1000

    Music Shadowsense - Caramel Macchiato [HOUSE]

    What's this? A new original song for once? It's a miracle!
  20. Flex Bormarr

    Request Been making music for about a year and a half, would love some feedback

    I'm just putting a link to my personal music channel. There is a link on the main page to my "topic" channel where all of my releases have been via music labels or myself. Like I said, been making music for a while and would really appreciate some feedback from music listeners. The genres...