end cards

  1. BeterBekend

    Eind scherm nodig! (Annotations)

    Zou misschien iemand een eind scherm maken voor mijn kanaal ? Met als volgt: Vorige video Random video Kanaal (en dan nog een het zelfde maar dan met een extra plek voor eventueel een 2e kanaal "ivm samenwerkingen etc." )
  2. Anthony Smith

    GFX Travel Channel banner (Cartoony) 1.0

    This is the first release where we've included a YouTube end card template as well as YouTube thumbnail templates (2 of them), a YouTube Banner template, and a YouTubechannel icon or avatar template all together in the same YouTube branding pack! These templates are fully editable to your...
  3. U

    Tips & Tricks How to use Youtube's "End Cards"

    Hooray! End cards have arrived, this awesome new feature has now been fully rolled out to all content creators! So what is an "End Card", End Cards are annotations used at the end of a video to promote other videos, create call to actions, and show extra information. One of the main features...
  4. RoyJohnson49

    GFX Request New Snazzy End Card for Yotube's New End Card Feature

    Hello, everybody, my name is Roy Johnson. I am here to have a simple graphic. I want a new End Card for my videos that incorporates Youtube's New Card system. I actually like the idea of it, giving the chance for mobile people to click on links directly on the video. For anyone interested, I...
  5. K Army Gaming

    I Love my new end card

    Decided to make a new end card. One that is simple clean and visually pleasing. let me know what y'all think
  6. AreebSK

    YouTube End Cards

    Hello! I have been noticing and you probably have too by now, that a few youtubers have access to the new end card feature that youtube is working on. I saw a comment somewhere by a small youtube channel that had access to the end cards and said that he asked the network to put his channel into...
  7. GeeGaming

    Solved How to get these endcards on Your Own Video?

    What are the requirements? Does anyone have any idea how to do this? #endcards
  8. Danny

    Official Freedom! Branding Kit 1.0

    Did you know that Freedom! has a branding kit? It's not often mentioned here on the forums but the kit includes useful assets and some guidelines as to what you can and can't use the branding kit for. The branding kit currently includes the following: Freedom! branded end cards Includes .PSD...