Tips & Tricks How to use Youtube's "End Cards"



End cards have arrived, this awesome new feature has now been fully rolled out to all content creators!​

So what is an "End Card",
End Cards are annotations used at the end of a video to promote other videos, create call to actions, and show extra information. One of the main features of the End Card is that, it is clickable on MOBILE devices! WOO!
Here are some examples;​

So how do you go about making it then? Well the process isn't a huge issue, it's just a few steps to remember, So let me show you how i go about making them!
1. The first step is to create the end card its self! I am using Photoshop to make mine, but you can use any image editing software about! Also the size of my image is 1280x720!

2. Now that my image is complete, i take it into my video editor! At this point i will finish editing my project and add an extra twenty seconds to the timeline for my end card!
3. Awesome! Now that my video has rendered and I've uploaded it to Youtube, i can go and edit my upload, and i will be directed to this screen and then i need to select the tab with "End Screen & Annotations"
4.Now the good stuff! When you are brought to this page you will see a few things that might throw you off! But fear not, it's not as bad as it seems!
- In the timeline, it shows you the last twenty seconds of the video (Picture 4.a).
- Now we can start to add "elements" this can range from a specific video to a link to a link to a particular website (Picture 4.b).
- After that, we can start to play around with the timeline and the duration and position of each element.(
Picture 4.c).



OK, so after you are happy with the layout, duration and where you want your viewer to be directed! You can click the good old fashioned "Save" button! Then that's it, you are all good to go! Use this feature to your advantage and enjoy it!
You should end up with something like this!​
Wasn't that easy! If you have anything to add or need extra help, Please comment below!​