1. Hannya YT

    Buenas ^^ Soy Hannya y quiero mostrar mi canal

    Subo sobretodo juegos de terror, walkthroughs, algunas partidas de juegos online con amigos, vlogs, etc. Dejo aquí mi canal 1 saludo!
  2. S

    Gaming Hi, I'm Salt Destroyer

    Hi, I'm Salt Destroyer and I make minecraft and fortnite videos pretty often( up to 2 times a week).
  3. H

    Gaming New fortnite VIDEO OUT

  4. Cmr Pro Gaming

    Gaming Hello So To Be loyal fans

    Cmr Pro Gaming is now presenting The greatest content in your life so join me and subcribe to my channnel and follow me as we break the world record for solo vs squads in pubg mobile follow us to make you and me feel happy in our self it yours choice .................................... from Cmr...
  5. spectorzz


    Hi guys spectator here! I want to introduce myself. i am spectorzz. i am a variety gaming channel trying to grow. i make funny moments, commentaries, rants, etc. i wish you guys could subscribe to me so i can grow. i would wvery much appreciate it. channel link...
  6. Creative Myth

    Sports Lomachenko Tyrannize Pedraza!

    I discuss the recent Lomachenko fight that happened against Pedraza. Click the link to check it out and provide your opinion and feedback.
  7. F

    Comedy Funny Gaming Moments + XXXTentacion :D

    FUNNY Gaming Moments + XXXTentacion | Montage ▬▬▬▬▬▬ I would be very gratefull to anyone who subscribes to my channel because i'm a new youtuber and even tiny support really means a lot to me! ▬▬▬▬ I hope the quality of the video is not so bad, i promise quality will improve with every video...
  8. T


  9. H

    Gaming Fortnite Practice Tournament Win

    Uploaded: October 30th 2018 Duration: 20:33
  10. Shogun Arcade

    Community Introducing myself

    Hello my name is Shogun Arcade and I make gaming videos! Sometimes I might stretch to something else but for the most part I work on videos around Fortnite. My goal is to make people happy when they watch my videos! Also I am down to meet anyone and collab!
  11. K Army Gaming

    Entertainment Fortnite Season 6 Trailer - A Worlds End (Fanmade)

    Fortnite Season 6 Trailer - A Worlds End (Fanmade) This Is A teaser Trailer we came up with for Fortnite Season 6 #FortniteSeason6 #Trailer #Fanmade Season 6 Battle Pass giveaway at 5k subs also so tell your friends about it. If you enjoyed this video drop a like and share with friends and...
  12. Cayden Gaming

    Gaming Fortnite video trying out my new green screen and new mic

    Finally got my new green screen frame setup and AT2020 mic in :D. I jumped into Fortnite to test my new toys out and I think it went pretty well. Though I didn't break any kill count record or even win the round I had fun making the video, hope y'all like it as well.
  13. Cayden Gaming

    Request Review on latest video

    What are some points I need to work on in this video: Does the mic sound good, is the game to loud or mic to loud, is the pacing of the video to slow or just not good? Any feedback would be much appreciated thanks in advance!!
  14. K Army Gaming

    Entertainment Fortntie Dance For the Cube | First Trap dance

    Fortnite Dance For the Cube | First time doing this trap style dance video lol. Let me know what yall think ✌️ I censored parts of the song to make it more kid-friendly. Hope I didn't ruin it check out more and share with friends
  15. A

    Comedy dead memes.exe

    What is going on guys! Just finished editing in my opinion a pretty solid video with a mixture of gameplay, memes, and animation. It was the first time I ever tryed animation in the sense of like a short. If that makes any sense cuz like it makes sense to me lol. The video is kinda lengthy...
  16. I


    Hey everyone!!! My name is Leonid and i started a channel called iSonyx.. On my channel I'm making awesome videos about Fortnite and a lot of Fortnite Streamers Compilation.. With 10 minutes video you can laugh all day.. My third video got comment from very popular Fortnite youtuber called...
  17. 意除頻道的呀Rick

    遊戲玩家 Hello !大家好我係意除頻道的呀Rick~

    我的頻道是一個遊戲頻道, 而且十分多元化, 包括rainbow six 虹彩六號,fortnite 堡壘之夜,minecraft,等等 喜歡記得訂閱 以後還會有更多的遊戲影片 Thank you~~~
  18. FurisBrothers85

    Gaming Twitch Host....

    hi guys! i am looking for twitch channels that want to be part of the auto host group. if you want to be part of it leave me ur twitch channel down bellow yo do need to be active and collab with each other :D hope you guys are interested :D
  19. K Army Gaming

    Entertainment #FortniteBlockbuster | Fortnite Heroes

    This is my entry for the #FortniteBlockbuster contest Two stories happening at once. Zoey and Squad Team Leader save a No-Skin from Teknique and Abstrakt after they were directed by Omega to kidnap and blow her up along with the tower in tilted towers. Mid way through Teknique escapes and...
  20. tovah


    so im kinda sick of the fortnite youtubers talking about fortnite android i talk about it it in this video.