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    Gaming FIFA 22 | CAREER MODE :D

    Check it out, I upload Monday through Friday :D
  2. Steje

    Gaming Hello! I want to show all of you the magic of video gaming

    Hello everybody! To summarize all of it: I am Steje, from Romania, I am 29 years old and I work as an automotive engineer. I am here to show you the magic and joy that video games bring to our lives. You can be a knight slaying the dragon and saving the princess or even an Italian plumber...
  3. Carl D

    YouTube Issue with copyright claim

    So I had my outro get copyright claimed I gave full credit and for some odd reason it was claimed and this is the first time that this has happen and I have been using the same song for a while is this normal?
  4. Carl D

    Gaming Getting attacked by the red painted lady| Lets Play Ib Episode 2

    This is one of the most interesting gameplays that I've been playing its kinda scary and suspense but I do like some of the jumpscares of this videogame. Also would like to get some feedback of what I can improve on as well too.
  5. FutureGaming

    Gaming Free Fire Highlights #2

  6. Carl D

    Thoughts on the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pack

    So I recently purchased the expansion pack for sword and I do like the layout, however now its just catching more pokemon to fill up the pokedex entry. however I am just waiting for more updates if their is any for the legendary pokemon. But what are your thoughts on the Pokemon DLC expansion pack?
  7. SeñorDee

    YouTube I need help

    Hi, I want to upload a new video to my gaming channel but I don't have any ideas for a video if you have any suggestions that will be awesome!
  8. G

    Gaming Any Gaming Youtubers wanna collaborate?

    Hey guys, I'm new on youtube, targeting to hit 1k subs and 4k watching hours currently. Anyone would like to collaborate with me? Please comment down below. Subscribe to my channel for more video. Peace
  9. MisfitJonesGaming

    Gaming Free for all is a headache...

    Is it just me or are the lobby’s getting sweatier than usual
  10. MisfitJonesGaming

    Best horror games that you ever played?

    What’s up guys! New user here and I’m curious to know what’s the best horror you ever played.. that really had u wanting to piss yourself Lmaoo. I’m currently playing My first horror game - Resident evil 7 And that’s already got me dying
  11. TactaBros

    Gaming A Nice Video Meme

    Hey everyone, this is a little video I just recently put together that I would like to share. Thanks
  12. FrenchFryGaming

    Gaming Making A Racing Twitch Game Group -Open to All-

    Welcome everyone, glad you have took a interest in my idea for a collab, and racing Twitch page. I like to take a moment on talking about what would be occurring on the twitch and or Youtube channel. As the title suggest I looking for a team of 4 gamers that like to collab, have fun and enjoy...
  13. S

    Gaming My new Channel Squbeez

    Hi guys, thanks you so much for viewing my post. It means a lot. I have a new gaming channel, I know it is a small step, but I want to grow my channel with my hard work. It would be great if a can get a hand from you guys. Thanks you. Please check my channel and subscribe to it ...
  14. Frexie Frex

    Gaming SHOGUN VS EVERYTHING 2019 || Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

    \o/ NO WORDS
  15. Frexie Frex

    Gaming Back on youtube!

    Greetings! My name is Frexie, i was on youtube for about 3 years prior to me taking a break and over that time i accumilated around 170k views. I then had to take a break from it (explained here ) And now im back. I decided to when i got back start with a clean slate, so i removed every single...
  16. H

    Gaming My introduction -heppygaming

    Hello all and welcome to my intro. I am a gaming content creator on youtube. I post blind playthroughs, let's plays and my live streams. The games I post are Vigor! Assassins creed Ark survival evolved and dead by daylight. I'm new to all this and I am really looking forward to getting to know...
  17. VlogBox

    PC Looking for large YouTubers to collaborate with!

    Hi guys! We’re VlogBox — a global video content distribution and monetization company driven to bring high monetization profits to creative video bloggers and YouTubers!(y) (Y) From now on, creation of CTV apps available on multiple connected devices is anything but hassle, so we are looking...
  18. GaRrFuNkL3 Gaming

    Gaming New Youtuber - 15 Subs. Card Collection & Gaming, Help My Channel Grow.

    Hey, Just started my new youtube channel, used to do a bit of streaming here and there and then had a son. This all then got put on hold, ive now just getting into it again and have started doing unboxings and will eventually get into gaming videos again. Any help on my channel will be much...
  19. G

    Solved Why is my youtube account not monetized?

    why is my account not monetized?, how long will the youtube account be monetized and make money from freedom?
  20. Cmr Pro Gaming

    Gaming 8sxope vs Yanrique Wright

    This is a PUBG MOBILE Player vs Player video about 8SXOPE VS YANRIQUE WRIGHT BEST PUBG MOBILE PLAYER so Check IT OUT Thanks for your support pubgmobile Who Is Better 8sxope or Yanrique REPLY