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Jul 17, 2017
okay sir[DOUBLEPOST=1501125642][/DOUBLEPOST]why did an administrator took down my tutorial it has no innapropriate scenes in it!!!!
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Tristan The Rager

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Aug 10, 2017
Anthony aren't trophies disabled right now? I don't think anyone is going to get notified of receiving the partner trophy until trophies are back unless that one still shows up regardless.
I have no idea to be honest with you.[DOUBLEPOST=1502402161][/DOUBLEPOST]
Fair enough :)

A good way to stop spam :)
True good way to get rid of spam.
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Anthony Smith

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this seems fair, how do you know you are able to promote/ put a link in this section though?
if the forums lets you post here then you're allowed :) You may want to check the spoiler bit though since there's a better option for some people depending on what your aim is. :)