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Jan 25, 2016
So someone showed me this area and I thought I would stop by and see what the community thinks of my channel. Specifically, I would like reviews related to the actual videos, as I already know of several things to improve upon when it comes to thumbnails, banner, etc. I've recieved quite a few comments saying my videos are good, but no one really tells me what is good about it, or bad about it, so I don't really know where to improve. Any help would be amazing and is very much appreciated. Thank you.


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Jul 1, 2014
I'll help you! Balloon Powers ACTIVATE! *flies away in the wind*.......... haha well here's what I can say about your channel and videos! :)

First of all I agree to everything you said about thumbnails and banner/avatar! They need major improvements! To the videos: it seems like you don't even have 30 FPS when you play and record Minecraft :/ it's a bit laggy! It doesn't matter what games you play, as long as you don't have 30 FPS your videos will be literally unbearable to watch! I know that you maybe don't have the best equipment and maybe you gotta have to skip recording minecraft just because of it! (I don't cause I don't get 30 FPS recording it :() Also your audio can improve with maybe noise remove or something, maybe higher kb/s on the audio quality!
You commentary is good though so there's something really good that I'm having problems with! :) So what kind of equipment do you have? PC? Mic? Recording/edit software? Games? then I can give you some more feedback and tips and tricks! :)


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May 8, 2014
People tend to sugarcoat how good others are at times, because they like to be likable. Granted, it's nice to make people feel good, it's harder to get a general read on your audience, because as an uploader, we cater to a target audience. If they aren't in that audience, it might be harder to change something that works specifically for you.

As far as your videos go, your intro stands out nicely, it feels professional. Your minecraft videos seem slightly slower for the framerate. Getting noticed with minecraft alone might be hard, since it's dominated by such a huge market for specific people. Have you considered why someone would watch your channel over the higher-subbed ones? What would make people want to stay to watch your videos, reoccuringly? I like your enthusiasm in your videos, you seemed energetic ^^