PC i need someone for my news video


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Jan 25, 2018
so i need if u want to do it on discord/skype
send me your discord/skype
or you can just prerecord your part and just send me a google drive link to it
as in you record your part record the mp3 add to google drive set it as public then send it to me when its done
- have a somewhat good mic a headset or a microphone
- sub count must be under 100k or 1k subs
my sub count is not even close 1k or even 1k so i don't want someone who is that big to
collab with me i need someone who has 70 subs or more to collab with me but not 1k or 100k.
- must have an email so i can give you the script if u want to it pre recorded and so i can
send you the story
- so go ahead and send it they method u can
btw u have until this thursday to send it to me that's when i have my news videos.