1. tovah

    YouTube Using A sock As a pop Filter

    I use one because the P's and stuff like That do Come Through the Mic. And a Wool one even I'm Going to pop Filter at one point I Only used it in a kinda Emergency Case But I don't know it's a bad Thing since I didn't need until I realized I heard my audio back on my PC and phone and man I was...
  2. tovah

    YouTube its been while since i Posted videos should i keep Going or stop.

    well my recent video i had to edit in a editor i dont normally use (hitfilm) and um my pc currently has problems with almost every adobe program on my Pc and since i think my channel died Has it because i think it did Which kinda made think if my channel is dead there is no point of posting...
  3. tovah

    YouTube How to make and finish And a upload A video in one day

    Because normally Videos sometimes takes Up to two Days to Work on So is it Actually Possible to upload A Video in The same day And Post it to Youtube. Because i use to Have videos where it Took me Half A day to Work on.
  4. tovah

    YouTube its getting harder for me to post videos

    Like normally i post weekly or kinda tri daily basically monday tues wed sat or sun but i remember in 2018 I said Dec Quote - i Wanna upload more and Hopefully stop having Weird upload times End quote. Now we are one month in 2019 i was supposed to Start uploading last Month and Rl Caught up to...
  5. tovah

    YouTube How many tags u should put in A video

    how many tags per video U should put in i Personally put in 4 And 4 is alright But how many Do u guys Put in.
  6. tovah

    YouTube is it A bad thing to Render my Videos in 720p

    Becuase if i Wanna Render in the Same day Or at least. Decent I Have to Render in 720p 30 And I have low end Pc. And my Montior is 1600x900.
  7. tovah

    YouTube im going to stop posting For real this time.

    my video's is either days Late or irrelevant and its like man i ran out of Good content to Post its either i can post videos that take an hour to edit or Ones that are good that take 2-3hrs to edit And its like normally around nov-dec im Consistent im posting videos daily now its like yeah im...
  8. tovah

    Subscriber Milestone 92 subs after being stuck on 89 subs for while

    we got to 90 subs yep and finally we are so close to 100 subs its crazy and i think we are going to reach 100 subs by late December but i just Cant Believe it tho its crazy like i remember when i only had 60 subs and now 90 its crazy and i Only have 4 videos after my Break and im like im Taking...
  9. tovah

    YouTube i will never get to 100 subs

    because i really want to get there and Reach my goal by the end of the year and i really wanna see my Channel and plus after i took a break i only have about like 4 videos and to this day the most videos i Posted in 1 month was april so i hope i can break that Record this month if i can...
  10. tovah

    YouTube why i don't have 1k subs

    mostly because of my content was good at the start of my content era of tovah 2.0 then flopped 'then of course i don't post daily i should normally post monday tuesday wednesday' but i have only had time to post monday tuesday and i haven't posted daily since 2016. "also to let u know my...
  11. tovah

    YouTube should i start vlogs at some point

    i dont want to have like vlog content like every other youtuber nor have it as my main channel focus but should i start vlog videos because i wanna have like good editing with them and kinda make it like good with them and not just shell them out all the time and not directly name them vlogs.
  12. tovah

    Entertainment Life storyies ep 2 why i hate the way i am

    it took me a while but its finally posted
  13. tovah

    YouTube Views Milestone 1k views on my channel

    i cant believe that 4 months ago we had nothing and now were growing and i idk know we had 1k overall video views on my channel and i don't even have 100 videos yet.
  14. tovah

    YouTube is there a difference between my reviews and commentaries.

    since this is my 60th forum post i better make this good when i review a show mic game etc. is there a difference from my commentaries because, my commentaries real talk i talk about anything. reviews its like we talk about the show my opinon etc reviews i have about 44 of them in total...
  15. tovah

    Subscriber Milestone 60 SUBSCRIBERS !!!!

    i just broke my instagram follower count and my youtube follower count record 60 subscribers and i didn't count twitter since on twitter i have over 100 followers over there and im so glad i finally got to 60 subs after been stuck with 59 for a minute i thought it would be stuck at 59
  16. tovah

    YouTube out of content to post

    so i only have 1 video left then im out of content to post what can i post like.
  17. tovah

    YouTube 1k subs is impossible to get to

    this might be one the most probably real talk post now before i say what i gotta say yes u can get to 1k subs but anywho back. |subs is impossible to get to| because pretty much it is also if u want to know im not really saying this for me now yes 1k subs is my goal but to tbh i might just give...
  18. tovah

    YouTube what time of the day should you edit/why im underrated

    what time of the day should you edit. youtube tho when should you edit since some of my videos take 2 hrs to render in vegas . and i use a low end pc so it takes me a long time to edit so i can post in the same day prolly going to upgrade soon tho...
  19. tovah


    today we talk about a grand theft auto dlc concept tell me what you think don't forget to like comment and subscribe and hit that bell to see my new vids
  20. tovah

    YouTube should you have a yt upload schedule

    should you have a yt upload schedule yes or no for me i've been recently stressed over my monday-fri lineup and if i did it 7 days in a row it wouldn't be. worth it btw on top of that ever since my cringe comp video i've been gaining subs but about the schedule thing. should you do it no if u...