1. W

    Gaming Me.

    I am Wyatt Limon and my channel is a gaming channel called wylimo. Full to the brim with odd commentary and fun that was had.
  2. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 75 Subscribers! Yay!

    75 Subscribers! Yay! 75 Subscribers! Big thanks to everyone who is a subscriber! So close to 100 subscribers! If you want to learn programming fast and free my channel is for you! ^^ Also new videos every week! Please Subscribe!
  3. N

    Service Cheapest Professional Graphic Designs You'll Find

    Hello everyone, Nova here and i am offering Graphic Designs for very low prices In regards to contacting me: [email protected] I will show you my work, a down payment will be required and completing the payment before receiving the complete product. Now, For the Prices: PRICES: 2D INTRO: 15$...
  4. T

    Entertainment YOUTUBE 2020 POLICIES

    Hey guys, I understand what YouTube is doing to help protect kids but they are going all the wrong way of doing so, and I ain't trying to bash any of yall who like the change but yu better know what you're getting into because it will affect you too as well as not to mention no money for ads...
  5. O

    News and if we share of channel of youtube and subscribe all together?

    what say everybody? this is my channel:
  6. Vladislav Andreev

    Educational Hello - My channel is for gardening

    Hello, My name is Vladislav Andreev from Bulgaria. My channel is for gardening I share different things about the garden
  7. A

    Gaming Trying to reach thousand subscribers

    Hello my name is A9TEN. I am content creator on YouTube. I have been trying to reach 1k sub for a while. Check out my videos and streams and hopefully. I will see you there
  8. SheepDreams

    Service Free Banner/Thumbnail For Honest Review

    Hello fellow youtubers of all sizes. My name is Sheepy. I will make one youtube banner or logo for and honest review of my channel and no not like good job but like..edgar allen poe. Give me the lows and highs put some time into it. I'm not asking for your subscription just overall and honest...
  9. M

    Entertainment Hello - LEGO Channel

    Hi I am new here and I am looking for people who are interested in LEGO. To talk. Cooperation. To deepen knowledge. Greetings :)
  10. Mbama Prince Gildas 2

    Gaming i'm mutigaming looking for firnds and collaboration
  11. G


    a channel for those who seek to know the interiors of Brazil and to someporate nature with the bikes off road, me and my crf 250r we will show you!!!
  12. xtackdesign

    Service ~FREE~ Graphic Design ~FREE~

    Hi, I'm currently offering free graphic design whilst i'm building up my portfolio... This service will not be free for long so be quick and get a request in! I am in need of a new refreshed portfolio for my new website so I am doing a service for you guys for a short while. I can do a range of...
  13. RyanSellers

    YouTube YouTube Hit My Channel Hard!

    Today my channel got hit super hard by YouTube. Went from 709 videos to 159 videos in like an instant! Didn't break any rules or anything, but they seen to be cracking down on footage of people filming full concerts. Even if you have permission. Oh well, guess I just got to move on.
  14. Chris-Adams1993

    Music Hey, What is up you guys!?

    Hey all! So I do guitar tutorials, covers and some other guitar related videos with every so often prize giveaways and milestones ect. I have around 4 750 subscribers currently and I am looking to improve my channel and help others to get there content noticed. If you are a music based channel...
  15. Gaming Community Zeeland

    Upload Milestone 200 Videos uploaded

    Hello all, 1 day ago I finally got my 200th video uploaded to me channel!!! It is a Milestone. want to thank everyone to go to my videos.
  16. Snake.

    Gaming Snake | New gaming channel

    Hi guys, I'm new in the freedom forum and I would like to become a partner one day. I start to introduce myself to the community; I am an Italian boy who loves videogaming game on the pc platform, in my channel as well as making commentary I concentrate on making cinematic or promotional...
  17. Navii Gaming

    Gaming Streamers(Twitch)/Youtubers

    Hey my name is Navii, my friend Franzy and I have started a discord for small Youtubers and streamers to find people to play and collab with. If you are serious about your career than give it a shot!
  18. FutureGaming

    Gaming Welcome To My Channel!

    Hey guys my name is Brayan or you can call me by my YouTube name Fuego (Which is Fire for spanish). A huge Welcome To My Channel! This is my first ever video on here so I hope you enjoy it. I will be posting Gaming Videos, Vlogs, and Music Type Related Content so be hyped for these videos. I...
  19. Johannes89

    Request Review My Channel PLEASE

    Hey guys so my channel did get strikes before and i did remove all the previous videos and started the new videos. im creating Nsfw gameplay videos before i would age restrict the video and blur out all the nude scenes but now im removing any nude scenes totally off my videos so my videos...
  20. ItsJad

    Gaming Please Give me Tips!

    Hey guys, I just started my channel about 4 days ago and have already made loads of videos on the channel. The reason for my large subscriber count is that I used to make videos on this channel but took a break for 2 years but now I'm back making videos. I believe I make quality videos but I'm...