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  1. C

    Review4Review Help me grow :)

    Hello! My name is camden bedinghaus and i have a vlog channel trying to grow. I seem to do many things right, and i feel like i deserve much more views and subscribers. Can anyone of you please help me out and figure out what I'm doing wrong? i have more subs than views. thank you guys. Lets...
  2. Koala_Steamed

    Forums Media section open to all partners for 1 week!

    We are still testing this section but would like to open it up for all Freedom! partners for 1 week so post your best content you have over there. Let us know if there are any features that you would like included or any bugs you can find. The media tab can be found at the top of the forums or...
  3. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Offering Review My Channel (Feedback / Reviews Return!)

    Hey everyone, ive started to become more active on the freedom forums, to interact with the whole community and explore all new channels out there, and after seeing a similar post on channel reviews, I thought i do the same and review some of your channels, and have you guy & gals review mine...
  4. Frosted Fricks

    Offering Live Channel Reviews!

    Hello there future tubers, newtubers and oldtubers! I am hosting live reviews for YOUR channels made to help You right down to what you can do to adjust your metadata! I host these every Tuesday on MGN and Wednesday on my personal channel at 8pm EST Tuesday 8PM EST (MGN)...
  5. Frosted Fricks

    Offering Live reviews tonight!

    Quick announcement fine folk of the internet! I will be doing a live stream TONIGHT at 8pm EST doing LIVE channel reviews! I hope to see you all there! It will be a ton of fun! Going over beginner channels and channels that wish to grow! I will do my...
  6. Jonathan

    Offering Detailed Channel Feedback/Reviews Return!

    Updated (22/6/2017) | Fixed quote error So, this thread has done far better than I could ever imagine it would. I'm still very much open to write reviews, I've personally been on Youtube since 2007 so I do know a thing or two about the platform and what makes a good channel. Simply reply to the...
  7. AlaswadGaming

    Request For People With Gaming Channels ONLT!!

    Hey guys today i uploaded this destiny video and i want a simple review or feedback on it from gamers. Thanks
  8. Buddy Raydi

    Request Request honest reviews on my channel

    Dear All, Kindly can you please check out my channel and tell me your honest opinion about it? I would really appreciate that and will respect all opinions and suggestions. My channel's link is on: Thanks in advance.
  9. Sir Sheeps

    Gaming Sup Freedom family! SirSheeps here :)

    Hey dudes and dudettes! Could you peeps check out my channel and give some feedback and drop a sub! I do gaming videos. My main games are call of duty, minecraft and rocket league. Thanks! SirSheeps
  10. Splurge

    Request [Channel] would love to know what I'm doing wrong..

    my name is Liam and SplurgeGames is my YouTube channel, I have come so far over the 2 years on YouTube however not as far as many others have. I have posted 250 videos and only have 320 subs what am I doing wrong? Could you guys maybe check it out and give my channel some love or give some...
  11. BloodRangerGaming

    reviews and tips for small gaming channels!

    Hey guys hope you are all having a fantastic day! so what i wanted to do today was to review small and normal channels and tell you guys tips that would make you look more professional! i will sub to you guys as well! reviews in the forums.
  12. Frosted Fricks

    Offering Need your channel reviewed?

    Hey everybody, I'm frosted Fricks and if you know me it is because I frequently give lengthy channel critiques in the comment section under Georges videos. Today I've decided to extend my help to here! So if your channel isn't growing or you have some doubts, I promise that I will try to look at...
  13. A.Barry

    Request I'm not growing and I don't know why... (Channel Review)

    I've been doing YouTube for a year now (since March 25, 2015) but growth has been TERRIBLE. I currently only have 31 subscribers but then I see channels that started in October that are already in the hundreds :( So I ask for whoever reads this: please give me constructive criticism on my...
  14. M

    Request I would appreciate a review

    I would appreciate if someone could review my videos and tell me how i could improve (for example : voicelevels ,editing,thumbnails etc) Thanks In Advance :D channel :
  15. A.Barry

    Request Am I Doing Something Wrong?

    Been doing YouTube for about a year and it doesn't feel like I'm growing fast enough (only have 30 subs and some are just school friends) and I really feel I deserve it because how much work and time I put into all my videos while some people who just do crappy, no time needed, and careless...
  16. A.Barry

    Request Am I Doing Something Wrong? I Need A Channel Review ASAP.

    Been doing YouTube for a while now and it doesn't feel like I'm growing fast enough and I really feel I deserve it because how much work and time I put into my videos while some people who just do crappy, no time needed videos have way more view and more subs than I do so may you please give...
  17. M&Mnz

    Request Channel Review

    Any tips for growing my channel. Anything i can improve on.

    Service Request Channel review!

    Hey guys! I'm CMTX a YouTube gamer I enjoy uplaoding MCPS4, Star Wars battlefront, Cod (BO3 atm) And much more atm I upload 4 times on a weekend 2 each day and put a lot of work into my channel I want to rid of all the flaws of my channel and would appreciate if you guys could give me some...
  19. Z

    Community Free Shout Outs and Channel Reviews

    Sup homies, i'm ZenMasterKai and i wanted to start a new segment on my Channel where i do shout outs for other YouTubers. This is quite similar to Freedom's Spotlight episodes. So basically i want to try and help other YouTubers out there who don't get a lot of views or subscribers. So in these...