1. Du Ẩm TV

    Life Cooking

    Do you love cooking? Have you ever eatten Vietnamese dishes? Do you like Vietnam dishes for yourself? Watch my video and do what you want.
  2. travellingmonk

    Community what kind of vlogs you love to watch ?

    let's see the kind of audience we have here !
  3. travellingmonk

    VLOG travelling monk, a vlogger from INDIA | new to this platform

    hi this is pardeep Singh aka Travelling monk. I am new to this platform and this is my first post here. i am a programmer by profession and digital content creator by passion . love to travel, making short films, etc i would love if someone wana share their stories and journey if belong to this...
  4. 皮皮Travel

    VLOG We love to travel, more crazy love food

    We love to travel, more crazy love food. Let's discover amazing delicious local food together! Every week, there are new delicious uploads, remember to subscribe to us:)
  5. Travel Maker

    VLOG Nightlife in cambodia - Clubs on a tourist street.

    Dancing battles took place in the exciting clubs on the streets of travelers in line with the songs. People are all excited. I was glad to be able to capture this wonderful sight.
  6. Travel Maker

    VLOG Hello! Now we're starting a new trip.

    I want to travel and have fun videos and talk. It hasn't been long since I started, and I want to upload more and more videos in the future. If you haven't been to a place of travel, please satisfy yourself by proxy through me. I will always improve and try.
  7. Drawyah

    VLOG New Channel, Vlogging my trips around the world!

    Hey guys, so I've just released my first travel vlog on a new channel from Oslo, Norway onto YouTube. Any feedback on the video, editing and stuff like that would very much be appreciated! Being in the UK, I can easily fly out to continental Europe without much hassle and Ryanair flights are...
  8. M

    Entertainment Hi everyone

    Hi Im Mel and my channel is EAT, SLEEP, TRAVEL, REPEAT. and we feature cinematic travel videos on youtube. We have already started growing on facebook. but. as you know facebook videos sucks.. :P so we are transferring on youtube we hope to grow more here compared to facebook videos my...
  9. Steve in the World

    Entertainment I'm "Steve in the Word", a travel blogger

    Hello everyone! I'm Steve in the World and I want to entertain you with my videos in the world! I'm trying to live a year in Australia! Follow me!
  10. DanielaNoemi

    Entertainment Just a college girl who wants to travel and make youtube vidss

    Hi guyss! My name is Daniela and I love to travel so I decided to make a youtube channel so people can experience the same adventures I have! I would love to grow my youtube channel, I only have one video up at the moment but I will be posting more so if you wanna join me in this journey...
  11. RyanSellers

    Where Would You Travel?

    If you could choose only one place in the world to travel, Where would you go and why? I would love to go to Norway to see the beautiful landscape and northern lights.
  12. Deathlake

    VLOG who likes hallowen?

    Please do comment below how your summer holiday was or if you're looking forward to Halloween! ^^ decided to finally upload this while the summer is over and Halloween season is nearly here. Blackpool highlights of : Blackpool tower, sea life, sealife,blakcpool pleasure beach, Coral...
  13. Mandy Erickson

    VLOG Newbie

    hello! I'm new obviously, trying to build my channel and find like minded people... And learn A LOT about YouTube! I currently vlog, but will adding in reviews on things soon! Thanks for reading. ☺️ I found Freedom! From watching some videos online about partnering your channel. So now, here I am!
  14. L

    Entertainment New YouTube Couple

    Hi! We are new to Freedom, our YouTube channel is Living Thru' Shandy. We focus on love, life and laughter. Our videos range from challenges to pranks to travel vlogs. We're excited to be apart of Freedom and look forward to growing.
  15. Y

    Entertainment Yosely, you can call me Yoyo :)

    Hello! / Hola! / Ciao! / Salut! / MarHaba! My name is Yosely Ruiz. Born and raised in Houston, Texas! I am an aspiring actress / filmmaker that loves to travel, write lyrics, and different languages. My dreams include being a singer/rapper, maybe even direct a few shows one day. For fun I...
  16. Marius Hirscher

    VLOG Hello travel vlogger from germany

    Hey guys:) I`m Marius a travelvlogger from germany I just recently started with my youtube channel and because of this fact I`m looking for more feedback I would really appreciate all of your opinions about my latest videos!
  17. iKen

    VLOG Hey Hi Guys! Ken here :)

    Hi everyone! I am Kenneth Rafanan II, yes not 1, not Junior but The Second(II). They usually call me Ken or Ken-Ken. That's why I came up with the idea of having an #IKen Vlog (I CAN), 'coz I'm actually afraid of doing a lot of things (I can't explain it one by one, sorry). On the other...
  18. KeithExplores

    Life New intro for my channel (Check it out)

    I recently created a new intro for my channel, and would really like some community feedback on it. I do a lot of exploring videos of abandoned places, (urbex), travel vids to unusual/remote locations with awesome scenic views, and I am now getting into camping now that the summer is coming, and...
  19. The Suburbs

    VLOG Hello!

    Hello, my name is Oliver. I run a YouTube channel called The Suburbs. I post basically whatever I happen to being doing, I usually upload on weekends but I'm going to try to upload daily during the summer. If you have any suggestions for videos make sure to let me know and I'll do it! Thanks for...
  20. Marcus Walker

    2017 Goals

    Welcome :D Last night my girlfriend and I bought a world map, tacks and some markers. The goal of this was to Pin with a tack in Blue Everywhere we've been together and Green every where we wanna go. This got me to thinking of my goals for 2017 and where i wanna be at the beginning of 2018...