Great to finally be able to use this on my videos! :D
Love the Freedom! Branding kit! This way we can show our support for the Family :)
Hay lắm.. rất có ích
I remember when I first joined, everything felt official once I had this kit! I still love it, even if mostly for nostalgia of that.
Thank you, this is a great kit ! :)
Really handy!
Perfect! If you are just starting out and trying to build your following, everyone knows you must brand yourself. This package does just that and more. No one could buy anything better. Thanks to all developers and all the hard work put in to help us perform better.
Great package for new people thanks so much what a time saver
Great kit!
just asking what's the music in intro 2.

im really obsessed with crediting absolutely everything i use
Great Kit!
Easy to follow guidelines, nice intro etc.. Only issue, the spinning Freedom logo has a black background, any chance of a transparent background one?
This the same as the old one can we have new one thanks :)
I just noticed this is the same branding kit that I have already from when I first joined Freedom. Maybe now more people are asking for it and they have a hard time finding it?
Extremely useful! Thank you!