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  1. TreatStudios

    GFX Banners Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Rebrand BO4 Banner, Logo, Twitter Header 2018-03-10

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Rebrand BO4 Banner, Logo, Twitter Header
  2. gamerongrandst


    Check out my newest video here! Link :
  3. TeeGee

    Gaming My FAVORITE Zombies Livestream Yet.

    Today I live streamed a game of Black Ops 3 Zombies on the map Gorod Krovi. I had a lot of fun with it, and I think the video is defiantly worth a watch! Leave a like if you enjoy the video, and Subscribe for daily gaming fun!!
  4. NAME IT


    HI FREEDOM FAMILY, "NAME IT" here . i am a partner with freedom for last 9 months . it is good to be a part of this community. i created a channel for gaming and entertainment, you guys will definitely love it that's my promise. it is something different . you will see and hear great content ...
  5. TeeGee

    Gaming Poking Fun At Cut Coms!

    I made a cut commentary in Black Ops 3 about how my subscriber count has been going down. Really it's just a little joke because I cut the video about every second haha. I think its pretty funny! This actually isn't any hate towards people who do cut coms on their channel, I actually enjoy those...
  6. Hoardy Flame

    Gaming IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! Black Ops 3 Custom Zombies Map 1 Devil's Workshop Part 1

    Allright, what is up Freedom! My name is Hoardy Flame! yeah I know, long time no see! but i'm back again! and now with the open beta for Black Ops 3 mod support, you can bet to see more custom zombies content then ever before on my channel. This is part one of the very first custom zombies map...
  7. RJaeHD Gaming

    Gaming ANY Xbox 1 Gamer wanna Collab : Call of Duty Black ops 3

    My name's RJ I currently have A youtube channel where i upload mainly Call of duty vids, I have 530+ subscribers and I am looking for other youtubers with similar content to mine to collaborate with. If you're interested let me Know . My channel Name is JaeSKC & my Gamer tag is Skill kill22...
  8. Bird Rios

    PlayStation Looking for 1-2 People to collab for Black Ops 3

    Hey, I am new to Freedom MCN and I am looking for average or above average Black Ops 3 players via PS4 to collab and make videos pubstomping or just casual gameplay. I am also very open to play competitive UMG 2v2's or 4v4's just message me! Message me via ps4: osfoora99. Age: 17 Looking to...
  9. AmblerA

    Gaming Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Gameplay - WE WON! (ULTIMATE KILL)

    *If you enjoyed guys please tell me what you liked about my video so that I can keep it up*
  10. FluixMatrion

    PC Gaming Collab

    Hey everyone! I am looking to collab with someone around my age (16) who games on PC. I play a lot of games from Mincraft all the way to COD Black Ops 3. Subscriber count does not matter. If you are interested, please tell me your... Name: Age: Games you play: If you have a Mic: What you use to...
  11. DeathGamesEthan

    How Good is My Editing?

    I've been trying some new things with my video editing and would really like to know if it is good or not. I've been trying to increase my Sony Vegas skills when editing my gaming funny moments videos. I'd really like to know how good it is and what I can improve on. My youtube channel is in my...
  12. Nicolas Osorio

    Gaming ¿QUÉ DICES? ¿Crecemos Juntos?

    Muy buenas gente!!! Ando buscando alguna colaboración con alguien que sea divertido, que tenga ps4 o Pc los juegos que ando buscando podrían ser Black Ops 3 - Battlefield 4 o en caso alguno me pueden decir cualquier juego de pc, y por más malo o bueno que sea, miramos a ver si lo grabamos...
  13. Muso Marshmallow

    Gaming New Italian Youtube Channel

    Hi everyone, my name is Roberto and I'm an italian student that has opened a channel on YouTube. As I said in the forum chat i'm italian so excuse me if I make some mistakes when I write. I said that I have a gaming channel and I'm really proud of it because this channel is helping me a lot...
  14. F

    (XBOX Collaboration Anyone?)

    Hey guys, I am a Call of Duty youtuber who loves to play games and really enjoys talking with and making new friends. If there is anyone who is interested in making youtube videos with me on either Xbox 360 or Xbox One, make sure to let me know on this forum. If you want to get a feel for my...
  15. SebastiaanYN

    Gaming Hi, I am Sebastiaan

    Hi, I am Sebastiaan. I am 14 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I make Call of Duty video's and I upload 2 video's per week. I made all my ChannelArt myself and I do my thumbnails myself to. SebastiaanYN
  16. Nuke

    Gaming I Returned to COD + NEW Series!

    Hey guys! Today's video is long overdue, I got behind on school and work but in today's video I have a live commentary in my first game back on COD in months as well as some info on a new series I'm doing! :) Please leave a like and/or comment on the video if you enjoyed! :)
  17. Goped Fred

    Gaming Black Ops on Xbone?!

  18. Dunkin4donuts

    Gaming A penny costs 1.7 cents to make.

    Current Number of Subscribers as of 4/10/16 - 309 Channel name: Dunkin4donuts Hi, I am a college student who regrets not making call of duty videos sooner. I've been playing call of duty since World at War, so I know a few things about the series here and there (my average kdr online is a...
  19. Andrew Kneen

    PC CoD Zombies YouTubers

    I am looking to record some zombies with other YouTubers on PC, I can record WaW BO1-2-3 and even Exo. My channel is clean so no cussing please :) I hope to record soon.
  20. TeamRespawn

    What classes do you use in Black Ops 3?

    I was thinking about starting a new series to showcase custom classes in Black Ops 3 that the community suggests. What classes do you use for Black Ops 3? If we use your class we will give you a shoutout! Thanks :)